IDG-Middle East runs a pilot session on ‘personal development and leadership’ for GUtech students

IDG – Middle East Offers

Recently, twenty GUtech students benefited from a pilot session on “personal development & leadership”. The pilot session was delivered by Mr. Robert Biemans and Ms. Maryam Al Bakri from Inspirational Development Group Middle East (IDG – Middle East), a member of Inspirational Development Group (IDG).

IDG – Middle East focuses on leadership development, work ethics, team building and youth development. Their programmes are centred on people and are tailored around organisations’ needs, in particular leadership development and its impact on business performance.

The pilot session introduced participants to activities that support leadership team’s development by providing situations where much needed skills can be identified and practised. Students were presented with tasks that required them to collaborate. “The tasks helped me realise the importance of communicating with and listening to others when working within a team.” Commented the student Nibras Al Hadhrami, Applied Geosciences student.

Students were so engrossed in the task. “They were not aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each other and they overlooked the importance of presenting their results.” Pointed Ms. Heiderose Mooseen, TSSC Manager. IDG team took students through the process of acquiring knowledge and skills from direct experiences when they had to tackle tasks at hand. This process is at the core of experiential learning which requires feedback on results and reflection on behaviour.

Inspirational Development Group (IDG) has delivered solutions in 47 countries, with a most desirable list of high achieving individuals & organisations including: HSBC, Legal & General, Barclays, Absa, Standard Chartered Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Zurich, BAE Systems, Petroleum Development Oman, British Telecomms, Credit Suisse, Faurecia, JP Morgan, Lloyds Banking Group, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Labour, Shell, Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development & others.

“Making Clever Minds Active” – Football and Basketball Tournaments held

To connect with each other, between students and staff members and to enhance their overall well-being, GUtech has launched a series of Tuesday sports outdoors and indoors competitions. After having held table tennis and badminton competitions recently, a total of 96 students and staff participated in the Football 6aside competition and 14 participated in the Basketball 3on3 indoor games last week. Therefore, opening up the brand new grass football field in front of the GUtech campus building. Two matches were held at the same time and the competition was sponsored by Strabag Oman. In addition two referees from Oman Football Association (OFA) participated in the games.

“In times when everybody is connected via social media, physical sports activities are important to improve the overall well-being and to connect with each other. While playing students and staff have to communicate and engage with each other on the field,” said Gunhild Pfaff, manager of the Sports office at GUtech.

“For playing 6aside you have to be quick and fast,” said Ghassan Al Shaaili, Foundation Year student in Engineering who is a member of the GUtech futsal team. He does sports every day along with family members or friends. I go to the gym in the mornings and throughout the day I like to play badminton, table tennis, or beach volleyball. Sports make a person fitter and healthier,” he said while adding, that he has to carefully manage the time for sports and studies. “Outside the university I like to play football with friends on the beach or on an artificial grass field,” said Amar Dahir, 1st semester Process Engineering at GUtech. He and his team were successful during the matches. To continue throughout summer indoor competition for Women and men like futsal, table tennis and dancing are planned.


The winning teams were:

Football competition:

  1. Place: Libya: Marwan Al Mahrouqi, Saleh Al-abadi, Atallah Kubas, Amur Al Wahaibi, Ali Al Hajri, Abdulaziz Al Ma’amari, Anas El Bera and Sanad Al Harthi
  2. Place: Black star: Musaab Amer, Said Al Harthi, Mazin Al houti, Hassan Al sahlani, Abdullah Al Rawahi, Mohammed al Busaidi, Mansoor al Kindi and Laith Saeed AlKharusi
  3. Place: Escobar: Al Mahanad al Ghafri, Sultan al Karosi, Haitham al Waaili, Qusai al Hajri, Al Yagdhan, and Qabas Al-Khusaibi


Basketball competition:

Ammar Al Aghbari, Said Al Ofi and Tim Reisdorf claimed the win of the tournament over Ferdinand Marcelo, Omai Albalushi, and Chaudhry Taimoor Niaz.

Third place was earned by Ali Mansuri’s team with Baha Al Kahlawi and Mohammed Mansuri.



Students present their videos in German

Thirty-two groups of students from GUtech have presented their projects on “German Celebrations throughout the year” on Tuesday afternoon to the public. On the sidelines GUtech staff members and students were invited to taste Christmas cookies and cake. “The aim of the project is to work in a group and to use basic vocabulary to describe German festivals by applying it for example to a theatre play, a short movie, a newscast, a shadow-play or a comic. Most of the groups decided to produce a video of their projects at GUtech or in their home environment,” said Andrea Cornelissen, DAAD Representative and German lecturer at GUtech. Cornelissen and her colleagues of the German Department gave the students various suggestions, regarding religious holidays or more secular ones like the German National Day celebrated on the 3rd of October each year to commemorate the German Reunification.

Several groups created a film about the German National Day. The students did not have a lot of time to realize the movie. “We realized the project in between our assignments. To get some background information we interviewed GUtech interns who are from Germany. They told us about the history of the reunification,“ said Atheel Al Fouri, 4rd semester student in BEng Environmental Engineering. “For us German is not a difficult language, since it is close to English. I can understand more than I can speak,” she said. Her friend Thikra Al Harrassi, BEng Environmental Engineering enjoys studying German at GUtech. “It’s a beautiful language. We would like to practice more,” she said. Both students are looking forward to attend an Engineering laboratory course at GUtech’s partner-university RWTH Aachen in Germany in the 7th semester of their study programme.

At GUtech German is taught as a second language, since English is the language of teaching. All students study German for 3 semesters within their Bachelor programmes. The goal is to acquire a basic level of communication in German, including conversations while traveling within the country. For everyday use, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland German is the official language and it is necessary for foreigners to know its basics.


5th Graduation Ceremony held

The 5th Graduation Ceremony was held at GUtech on Sunday evening, 11th December. A total of 69 Omani and Non-Omani graduates, 42 females and 27 males, were celebrated during an official ceremony held in the auditorium of the campus in Barka. The ceremony was held in the presence of members of the Majlis Al Dowla and Majlis Al Shura as well as members of the Board of Governors of GUtech and other dignitaries, GUtech staff members and families of the graduates. The Rector of GUtech, Prof. Dr. Michael Modigell, encouraged the students to search for jobs that are in harmony with their personalities “Only then you will be successful. Do not work just for money and do not stop learning,” he advised the students.

The students graduated from Bachelor of Science programmes in Urban Planning and Architectural Design, Applied Geosciences, Sustainable Tourism and Regional Development as well as Bachelor of Engineering programmes in Process Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Most of the graduates have found jobs in the private and government sector.

GUtech Programming Team wins Gulf title

A GUtech team named ‘GUtech Eagles’ has won the title of ‘Gulf Champions’ during the 2016 Arab Collegiate Programming Contest (ACPC) held in Egypt. The programming team was the most successful among other GCC teams. The contest was sponsored by IBM.

The GUtech team included Prof. Dr. Rudolf Fleischer of the Department of Computer Science (Coach) as well as Abir Al-Ansari (Contestant), Neeraj Krishnan Gopikrishnan (Contestant) and Maram Mohamad (Contestant).

GUtech celebrated the Omani Women’s Day

BARKA Under the auspices of H.H. Sayyida Basma Fakhri Al Said, students and staff of the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) celebrated the Omani Women’s Day on campus last week. Many female students gathered in the university’s research hall, where H.H. Sayyida Basma inspired the students to follow their own dreams, to be self-motivated and to focus on their studies. Her motivational speech was followed by a student theatre play in Arabic, a fashion show showcasing colourful Omani dresses with elaborate designs, a taekwondo show and a recitation of Omani poetry. Moreover, an Omani mountaineer and the first Omani shoe designer shared their experiences. Outside the hall a number of students from GUtech and other universities had displayed their business ideas in small stalls with food items, including handmade ice cream and other sweets. Traditional palm frond handicrafts from Rustaq was also on display.

Furthermore, six Zumba instructors created an energetic atmosphere in the GUtech sports hall and inspired the students get moving. The Omani Women’s Day has been celebrated every year since 2010. The event was organised by the Department of Student Affairs at GUtech.

GUtech students celebrated an Omani Night at RWTH Aachen University

AACHEN / GERMANY Omani and international students from GUtech recently organized an Omani cultural night at RWTH Aachen University, GUtech’s partner-university in Germany. The Omani Night was part of the students’ study-excursion to Aachen, organized annually by GUtech and sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). During the trip the students learn the German language and familiarize with the RWTH Aachen University, the professors and their departments.

“Through emails and social media we invited the international student community. The group of Omani students gave a presentation about the geography and the history of Oman including its trading routs. They also explained the Omani food, the traditional dresses, the educational system and the natural hospitality of the Omani people. It was a marvellous event. All guests were very happy. We interacted with multicultural students on this night and we also invited our interns who already visited GUtech in last years,” said Imran Bhatti, GUtech lecturer in the GUBridge / Foundation Programme. The students also invited a group of BSC Logistics students of GUtech who were also on a study trip to Germany. “We are very thankful to the international office of RWTH Aachen, especially Fouzia Alizai and Hassan Aljalloud, who gave us their full support. I believe that the students of Aachen remember this event for a long period of time as a mile stone in their life which make a strong bonding between Oman and Germany friendship,” said Imran.

Each year a number of GUtech graduates decide to continue their MSc studies at RWTH Aachen University, e.g. in Urban Planning and Architecture, Computer Sciences, Engineering and in Geosciences. GUtech offers five BSc and three BEng programmes. The university was established in 2006 in Muscat. During the summer semester 2016 a total of 1262 students studied at GUtech.

GUtech Summer Academy

HALBAN Combining quality education and social activities for high school students, GUtech will start its annual GU Summer Academy on campus next Sunday, on 31 July. This year 42 male and 58 female high school students between 14-17 years of age will participate in the summer school that will run for three weeks and is being organized by GUtech for the second time. “The main goal of our GU Summer Academy is to develop the skills of young high school students while focusing on three components: Self-development and independency, where students learn how to be independent, and how to manage their finances for example. Moreover, we offer academic, social and soft skills development which includes team building, leadership, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship but as well languages like English and German, and sciences. On the side lines we also offer a lot of fun activities, such as daily competitions, guest-speakers from the corporate sector in Oman, field trips to the Interior, and sport activities like indoor football or basketball,” said Dr. Hussain Al Salmi, Deputy-Rector for Administration and Finance at GUtech. GUtech alumni, students and staff are involved as teachers or mentors in the GU Summer Academy. The language of teaching will be Arabic and English. Narjis Jamali from Bahrain is a GUtech alumni in Computer Science and a mentor for girls in the Summer Academy. She is looking forward to the GU Summer Academy, where she will participate for the second time. “I wanted to be part of it again. It is really a great opportunity for the high school students to get to know a university and to develop their social skills. At that age, they do not know about the university. I think the teenagers are very lucky,” said Narjis. A second group of 15 Omani students are currently attending a five week Summer Academy in Cardiff (UK) to develop their English language and soft skills. Both groups will attend the final graduation ceremony at GUtech on 18 August.   The sponsors for this year’s Summer Academy are the Omani Authority for Partnership for Development (OAPFD), Omantel and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). Al Roya Newspaper and Oman TV are the media sponsors of the academy. More information can be found on social media and on the GUtech website: Instagram: Twitter:

GUtech Student Awards recognize Outstanding Students

BARKA The GUtech Student Awards were distributed by the Rectorate of GUtech to a large number of students during a ceremony held at the GUtech amphitheatre on Thursday evening. Awards were distributed in various categories to Student Council Members, active Club Members such as a Theater Club (pictured), winners of international and local competitions, the best Student Volunteers and to participants of a First Aid Workshop held at GUtech recently.

The sports awards were distributed for the fourth time to acknowledge the student’s team spirit, their high involvement and successful participation at national and international tournaments. A total of 22 students were awarded by the GUtech sports office. “GUtech students were participating in University Championships in Chess, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Futsal, Beach Soccer and private organized competitions such as Basketball and Badminton,” said Gunhild Pfaff, Manager of the Sports Office at GUtech. The following sports achievements were awarded: The Futsal female team won the Gold Medal at the 1st Futsal Championships for Higher Educational Institutes in October 2015. The Basketball female team won Silver Medal at the PDO organized Basketball tournament in December 2015. The Taekwondo female team won the Gold Medal at the Taekwondo Championships for Higher Educational Institutes in February 2016. The GUtech teams won one Gold, one Silver and two Bronze Medals during the Taekwondo Championships for Higher Educational Institutes in Oman held in this year. A gold medal was achieved during the Open Female Badminton Championships at Sultan Qaboos University in April 2016. Four female students were selected for the Oman University National team to compete at the first Arab University Futsal Championships in Amman in November 2015. “This Academic Year we extended our cooperation with local Sports Association,” said Gunhild Pfaff.

GUtech AGEO students attended International Course on Limestone in Germany

The course was held at the FAU University in Erlangen, Germany and covered all classic and modern aspects of carbonate sedimentology. Lectures on different topics of carbonates, given by professors from several German Universities were intensified by microscopy exercises. The main focus of the course is on recent developments in carbonate sedimentology with applications. The Geo Center in Erlangen owns a world renowned, one-of-a-kind collection of carbonate thin-sections and sediment samples. This famous international course is well known worldwide. Until today, 1500 colleagues from academia and industry already attended the course. This year five AGEO BSc and MSc students Husam Al-Rawahi, Ali Al-Hajri, Marwa Al-Riyami, Shamsa Al-Brashdi, Reem Al-Tuqi received scholarships and travelled to Germany to attend the course. This course provided an exciting experience to our students by working and studying in an international environment and prepared the high performing students interested in Carbonate Reservoir Geology and Limestone Industry.