Twenty scientists from the German Geological Society explore Oman´s mountains, deserts and coasts

MUSCAT Twenty members of the German Geological Society from various universities and research institutions are currently visiting the Sultanate of Oman. The German Geological Society runs the expedition the fifth time. The idea to run fieldtrips and expeditions around Oman is based on the good cooperation between the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) and leading Universities of Technology in Germany. Prof. Dr. Gösta Hoffmann from the University of Bonn is the leading scientist of the current expedition. He has been teaching and researching at GUtech for many years and he is the main author of a recently published book on the Geology of Oman: “For me it is a pleasure to invite my colleagues to visit Oman. It is such a beautiful country where certain rock formations allow us to understand how our planet works. Such places are unique in the world and most of them easily accessible in Oman. For example, the country is blessed to offer the opportunity to study the transition between different layers of the Earth. Usually these rocks are not to be found on the surface but they are in Oman.” Furthermore, Prof. Hoffmann lined out that Oman has a very rich archaeological record. This proofs the very long history of the country.

“The benefits to come to Oman and explore the mountains, deserts and coasts are that Oman is a safe country and the geology is spectacular,” said Prof Dr. Martin Meschede, President of the Umbrella Organisation of Geosciences (Dachverband Geowissenschaften, DVGeo). The German Geological Society (Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft – Geologische Vereinigung: DGGV) has about 3,600 members from universities, industry, and private economy.

Prof. Dr. Martin Meschede pointed out that a trustful local partner is necessary to operate such fieldtrips: “The logistic part of the trip is organised by Golden Highlands. This company has a long experience in conducting these trips for us.” In addition, in a joint effort, the participants of the field excursion together with the local partners from Golden Highlands cleaned the beach at Ras Ruawais in Ash Sharqiyah region from garbage left behind by other visitors. “It is our ambition to keep the country clean so that our visitors go back home with positive impressions. It was a memorable experience to run this clean-up as a joint effort with German professors,” said Mansoor al Shabibi the CEO of Golden Highlands while adding: “We plan to clean other places with other groups in the future. One of the most beautiful places is Wadi al Abbyad. We will also check the situation in Ras Ruwais and clean again in the future if necessary.” Prof. Martin adds that the situation already improved a lot:” When we first visited the place a couple of years ago, it was much worse.” Prof Gösta concluded that it is worth working together to preserve Oman´s natural wonders for future generations.



Group photo: Twenty members of the German Geological Society from various universities and research institutions are currently visiting the Sultanate of Oman. The group is headed by Prof. Dr. Gösta Hoffmann, Geoscientist at University of Bonn.



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