GUtech Students study the German Language and Culture at RWTH Aachen University

MUSCAT Fifteen students and two supervisors from the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) are currently attending a special German Language and Culture Course at GUtech’s partner-university, RWTH Aachen University. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has been funding this annual study-trip for GUtech students since 2009. The three-week course conducted by The Language Center of the University aims at introducing the students to the German language and to a classroom situation at RWTH Aachen University. In addition, the students visit the different faculties at RWTH Aachen University.

Each year a number of GUtech students conduct their bachelor thesis at RWTH Aachen University and others persue a Master’s programme at the university. Founded in 1870, RWTH Aachen University is an internationally renowned academic institution and one of Germany’s universities of excellence. With more than 45,000 students it is the country’s largest technical University.

(c) GUtech: Umai al Balushi, Dr. Manuela Gutberlet


Green Energy for the Future – The OMAN Hydrogen Initiative launched

HALBAN The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) and the German company Hydrogen Rise AG have launched the OMAN Hydrogen Initiative to enable the economic potential of green hydrogen technologies in Oman. Hydrogen is an integral component required in the global transition towards renewable energy and one of the most promising alternative fuels for future energy applications. The goal of the OMAN Hydrogen Initiative is to develop an hydrogen export industry in Oman, to introduce hydrogen-based energy solutions and to support the setting-up of academic, technological and economic hydrogen expertise in Oman. For this, the initiative will cooperate in close cooperation with government institutions in Oman as well as the academia and industry partners in Oman and in Germany.

“We are interested in exploring new fields in the area of Hydrogen Technology and Economics. We have founded this initiative because hydrogen technologies play an essential role in the future of the global energy, metal, chemical and mobility industry,” said Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Modigell, Rector of GUtech. In this context, the early identification of technologies and economic changes are essential parts of GUtech’s understanding of Research and Development. In this field, the establishment of new competencies and disciplines with long-term impacts and the combination of technology and the economy present new opportunities for students and represent a future oriented platform for job and business creation,” said Prof. Modigell.

The hydrogen initiative includes the establishment and organization of an open OMAN Hydrogen Dialogue Platform along with the establishment of a Hydrogen Economy Competence Center at GUtech. This Competence Center will be closely linked with academic and industrial activities in Oman. It will identify and develop teaching, research and development between GUtech academics and industry partners. In addition, a new hydrogen application as well as pilot and demonstration projects will be launched. A hydrogen pilot plant for Research & Development on campus and further far-reaching demonstration and application projects are planned to be initiated with partners of the initiative in Oman.

The first steps of the Open Hydrogen Dialogue Platform will be lectures, workshops and a Hydrogen Economy Symposium to be held in October this year. The aim is to raise public awareness of the potential of hydrogen as a green energy source. “The initiative focuses on the research and the communication of green hydrogen and its potential contribution to Oman`s economic diversification efforts as well as new employment opportunities that come along with it,” said Dr. Hussain Al Salmi, Deputy Rector for Administration and Finance.

“The aim of the initiative is to bring local and international stakeholders together to work closely towards the significant benefits of hydrogen for Oman as an exporting country. International demand for this innovative energy carrier will be growing steadily and it is very important to claim an early position in these promising new opportunities,” said Olav Carlsen from Hydrogen Rise AG and Co-initiator of the OMAN Hydrogen Initiative. Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of hydrogen – in academic research, hydrogen production processes, storage and hydrogen applications.

“Hydrogen is a promising alternative, CO2-free energy source, produced by splitting water with renewable energy such as solar or wind. It is a CO2-free energy carrier that can be stored in large quantities and transported over long distances. It is a raw material for many industrial applications. Oman offers excellent production conditions for a large-scale hydrogen production,” said Dr. Ing. Bernd Wiemann, Founder and CEO of Hydrogen Rise AG.

OMAN Hydrogen Initiative

Initiators (pictured): Prof. Dr. Ing. Modigell and Dr. Hussain Al Salmi from GUtech and Dr.-Ing. Bernd Wiemann and Olav Carlsen from Hydrogen Rise AG

GUtech: The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) is the sole German University of Technology in the Gulf region and affiliated with RWTH Aachen University in Germany. RWTH Aachen University is one of the leading higher education institutions in Germany and in Europe. All BSc and BEng programmes are internationally accredited by the Accreditation Certification and Quality Assurance Institute (ACQUIN). During the winter semester 2018/2019 a total of 2172 students were studying at GUtech in the Foundation Year Programme and in five BSc and three BEng programmes. A total of 451 students have graduated from the GUtech since 2012.

Hydrogen Rise AG: (Munich, Germany) Together with our partners, Hydrogen Rise develops all key elements of the long-term green hydrogen system solutions. This includes the infrastructure for green hydrogen production, its transport, storage, distribution and export all the way to the integration of various applications in the areas. Together with the technological focus, Hydrogen Rise lays the foundation for the systematic development of technological and academic competencies.

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