New achievement for GUtech Students

Held at the 2023 COMEX, NTG hosted a CTF competition which took a period of 2 days, 24th and 25th of May. 46 teams competed firstly in an online round, resulting in 6 qualified teams gathered at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre to solve 6 cybersecurity challenges ranging from SQL injection to credentials brute forcing and malware design.

Instructed and supervised by Dr Waseem Anwar – Assistant Professor from Computer Science Department at GUtech, two (2) cybersecurity teams participated from GUtech and left that competition with a stunning 2 trophies, the second and third place. The second place wining team was a mix from CS and CYS majors, as Tariq is a CS student, while Anas, Omama, and Fatin all from CYS. The other team is purely CYS, namely, Hamood, Abdulmalik, Basel, Sundus, and Shrooq. It was very beneficial and interesting to attend and compete. Although we faced some challenges, we are thrilled to participate again next year and land the first place.


2nd place team:

  1. Omama Al Rawahi 20-0203
  2. Anas Al Rawi 20-0009
  3. Tariq Al Harrasi 19-0248
  4. Fatin Al Wardi 19-0377


3rd place team:

  1. Sundus Al Kharusi 19-0596
  2. Shrooq Al Rahbi 19-0221
  3. Abdulmalik Al Kalbani 19-0509
  4. Hamood Al Marhoubi 19-0503
  5. Basel Al Musalhi 19-0398


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