Conserving the rich Omani heritage – The famous Getty Conservation Institute visited GUtech

HALBAN Creating awareness, conserving and saving the built tangible heritage of Oman for future generations has been of concern for various departments of the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech). Representatives of the famous Getty Conservation Institute visited GUtech recently. Initially they were invited by Prof. Dr. Michael Jansen, Founding Rector of GUtech, to discuss possibilities for cooperation between the Getty Conservation Institute and the department of Urban Planning and Architectural Design at GUtech. “At GUtech we are planning to conduct a damage assessment study, documenting and classifying the damage of the city wall of the Nizwa oasis. Humidity and human influences have been damaging the wall continuously,” said Prof. Jansen, who is an urban historian and archaeologist.

To promote conservation among the professional community in the Middle East and northern Africa, the Getty Conservation Institute is planning to conduct a training course on the conservation of earthen sites for mid-career professionals in the UAE, using some of the amazing earthen sites of Oman as case studies. “Our aim is to bring together professionals who are working in the field of architecture, urban planning, urban history and other sciences such as geosciences for a conservation course to be conducted by the Getty Conservation Institute in the coming years,” said Claudia Cancino, Senior Project Specialist at the Getty Conservation Institute.

“GUtech is an excellent institution for supporting such a conservation course. With our knowledge in architecture, urban planning, engineering and geosciences we are committed to contribute to solve engineering and as well social issues that are of high importance for the society in Oman,” said Prof. Dr. Ing. Michael Modigell, Rector of GUtech.

The Getty Conservation Institute is part of the Paul Getty Trust which also consists of the Getty Museum, Getty Foundation and the Getty Research Institute. In the past years, the Getty Conservation Institute has been conducting various conservation filed projects and workshops in cooperation with institutions in China, Italy, Peru, Tunisia and Morocco, among others. In Morocco the Institute supervised the conservation of earthen Kasbah Taourirt in Ouarzazate.

(c) Text & photo: GUtech/ Manuela Gutberlet
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