School students experience university life

To connect with the local resident community in Oman and to give some insight into a university, a group of five high school students from the American British Academy (ABA) have conducted their work experience days at the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech). The students who are currently in grade 10 were introduced to the Department of Applied Geosciences and the Department of Urban Planning and Architectural Design at GUtech. Some of students attended a laboratory class where they learnt how to identify rock samples according to the shape and color. Others attended student presentations on urban development and a lecture on urban history. Most of the students said that they have not yet decided about their future studies.

“I like to experience as many fields as possible,” said Illuyemi Chukwuma who is considering studying Astrophysics in future. All of the students greatly enjoyed being able to spend some time listening to lectures at undergraduate level. The students of Architectural Design were given their own project of a ‘dream house’ to work on.  They shared their new understanding of the huge range of factors to consider when designing new homes with their ABA peers on their return to school. Each of the students said they would enthusiastically recommend a placement at GUtech to other ABA students and were very grateful to have been given this opportunity. “My week in the UPAD department has been highly informative and very enjoyable. This experience has definitely influenced my decisions towards studying architecture positively,” said Zacharyah Sueyoshi. His class-mate Emma-Leigh Joubert agreed: “I had an amazing time and my visit confirmed what I want to do when I leave school.” Emma also wishes to study architecture in future.

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