A workshop to review the studies set up by GUtech in Buraimi Governorate

The Office of the Governor of AlBuraimi and municipal council organized a seminar during which they reviewed the results of a study conducted by the GUtech regarding urban planning and architecture in AlBuraimi governorate, in the presence of His Excellency the Governor, members of the Shura Council, members of the municipal council, concerned individuals from the governmental authorities and engineering consultancy offices.

The results of GUtech studies have been reviewed during the workshop and presented by the Head of Urban Planning and Architecture Department at GUtech in collaboration with the Municipal Council, with the help of Students under the supervision of the university professors from the Urban Planning and Architecture Department.

The study aimed to provide proposals and ideas on the concept of urban style and natural, urban and cultural elements in Al Buraimi Governnorate, and how to exploit the available urban development resources as well as the integration of the principles of innovation with several supplement aspects, including the exploitation of farms as tourism parks, and the importance of exploiting the valleys sides and invest and develop  them to be restaurants  and walkways as the case in the governorate of Muscat. As well as the main streets to harmonize with the existing buildings on both sides of the street and the emphasis on the need to keep up with the national government’s plan, which was prepared by the Higher Council for Planning with the local plan prepared by Al Buraimi governorate.

It is noteworthy that these proposals are students competing projects under the supervision of a group of university professors.

These studies have produced models and ideas of architecture that can be applied on if conditions were suitable, as well as to achieve the main objective to increase public awareness and community participation to achieve the national strategy for urban development, in addition to the identification of architectural methods and systems and urban planning in the governorate which accelerate the development of a schematic-based thinking on sustainability, innovation and the efficient use of available resources in the province.

During the seminar, questions and inquiries where answered by the head of and Urban Planning and architecture. Then the attendees visited the exhibition which included some charts and graphics of the center of Al Buraimi