Solar Electric Design and Installation (Grid-Direct) is Oman’s first DCRP-certified Photovoltaic Training Course that focuses on grid-¬direct PV systems, the largest and fastest growing segment of the PV industry. The designed for individuals aspiring to build up working knowledge of grid-connected PV systems.

What’s the course about?

The course curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Solar photovoltaic power system components and configuration
  • Basics of electricity
  • Demand, photovoltaic production, energy balance and incentives
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Meter testing
  • Series and parallel configurations of photovoltaic panels and influence on voltage and current
  • Solar resource and power capacity relationship
  • Solar site analysis including permitting, obstructions, shading, etc.
  • Mounting of photovoltaic systems on rooftops and ground (mounts)
  • Grounding of electrical components
  • Inverter specifications and sizing for photovoltaic systems
  • Photovoltaic power system sizing
  • Wiring of the photovoltaic system
  • Overcurrent protection and disconnects
  • Health, safety and environmental aspects of the work site
  • Commissioning, testing and operation of the photovoltaic system

Who should attend:

  • Aspiring individuals seeking to become DCRP experts
  • Individuals working with PV design and installation companies, utilities companies, PV component manufacturers and anyone looking to learn more about the solar industry.
  • Preferably engineering university degree or diploma holders

Course requirements:

  • Proficient level in English language,
  • no prior experience in solar or energy industries is required.

Course duration:

A 5-day training course


16 – 20 February 2020


German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) – Halban Campus

What to get:

SEI and TSSC certificates aligned to the DCRP rules in Oman.