Why GUtech?
  • Opportunity to obtain an international education whilst living in Oman.
  • Internationally accredited Bachelor degree programmes by ACQUIN.
  • Highly qualified academic staff, thus guaranteeing an international quality of teaching.
  • Innovative and interactive methods of teaching.
  • Research plays an essential role at the University and ensures that the curriculum is current.
  • Individualised mentoring which allows professors and lecturers to be aware of the actual progress of students.
  • Access to the facilities of RWTH Aachen University, including laboratories and library.
  • Education in the class room accompanied by field trips, internships in companies and hands-on research projects.
  • Friendly and diverse environment with students from different nationalities.
    Green campus with ample student facilities.
Fees & Discounts

General Information

All Bachelor programmes offered by the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) comprise of 8 semesters, with 2 semesters per year. Students at GUtech are required to pay tuition fee in advance at the beginning of each  semester.

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or money transfer in full. Payment of tuition fees in installment is available,  with three installments per semester. Payment in installments incur an additional administrative fee will.
Every new student is required to sign up for ‘tuition fee payment plan’ document at the time of enrollment and shall abide by the payment terms mentioned therein. For information on payment plan, students/parents can contact Department of Finance and Accounts at the University Campus at Halban.
Fees are shown in Omani Rial, which is the currency required for payment. Fees are shown in US dollars as an indication for international enquirers. A breakdown of tuition fees is provided in the tables below.
The fees include Textbooks, field trips (if applicable on the programme), IELTS Test (one time for foundation programme students only).
The fees does not include: Accommodation, Transportation, Living Expenses and Stationary.

Tuition fees for Omani students

Fees are in Omani Rial
Degree/Programmeper semesterper year
Core Foundation9601920
Academic Foundation19203840
Bachelor of Science in Logistics27005400
Bachelor of Science in International Business and Service Management(IBSM)27005400
Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning and Architectural Design (UPAD)27005400
Bachelor of Science in Applied Geosciences (AGEO)28805760
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS)29405880
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (ME)29405880
Bachelor of Engineering in Process Engineering (PE)29405880
Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering (EE)29405880
Master of Petroleum GeoscienceGrand total 11,400 for full programme

Tuition fees for International students (non Omani)

The first table shows the fees in Omani Rials, which is the currency required for payment. The second table shows the fees in US dollars as an indication for international enquirers.

Fees in Omani Rial
Degree/Programmeper semesterper year
Core Foundation15003000
Academic Foundation20004000
Bachelor of Science in Logistics33756750
Bachelor of Science in International Business and Service Management(IBSM)33756750
Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning and Architectural Design (UPAD)37507500
Bachelor of Science in Applied Geosciences (AGEO)37507500
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS)39007800
Bachelor of Engineering (all specialities)39007800
Master of Petroleum GeoscienceGrand total 11,400 for full programme

Fees in USD
Degree/Programmeper semesterper year
Core Foundation39507900
Academic Foundation526010520
Bachelor of Science in International Business and Service Management(IBSM)888017760
Bachelor of Science in Logistics888017760
Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning and Architectural Design (UPAD)987019740
Bachelor of Science in Applied Geosciences (AGEO)987019740
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS)1026020520
Bachelor of Engineering (all specialities)1026020520
Master of Petroleum GeoscienceGrand total 29990 for full programme

Service fees

Service typeFees In Omani Rial
Non-Refundable Application Fee100
Student Visa/per person once every 2 years50
Health Insurance every year155


GUtech is committed to supporting all students and so we offer a range of full and partial scholarships. The wide range of scholarships includes scholarships from GUtech, PDO, OMIFCO and those from the Higher Ministry of Education. All scholarships are available through the Higher Education Admission Centre (HEAC).
In addition to the scholarship and grants awarded through HEAC, financial aid is available through GUtech from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). To qualify for these scholarships, applicants may have to sit for scholarship examinations.
For more information on scholarships, contact GUtech on admissions@gutech.edu.om or visit www.heac.gov.om



One should keep in mind the two major requirements when applying:

  • Language Requirements
  • Academic Requirements for Bachelor Programmes

If you do not meet the criteria for direct entry into one of our Bachelor Programmes, then our Foundation Programme is designed to help prepare students for further study. Successful completion of the Foundation programme can lead to entry in to one of our Bachelor programmes.

Language Requirements

English is the language of instruction at GUtech and applicants must demonstrate adequate competency in it.

ProgrammeMinimum Entry Requirements
Foundation ProgrammeGUtech Entrance Test: Minimum of 60% to enter Academic Foundation Year
Bachelor Programmes – BSc and BEngAcademic IELTS 6.0 TOEFL 76 (internet-based, iBT)

Students applying for admission to the Foundation Programme will be asked to sit an English Language Entrance Test. Subject to the outcome of this test, students might be required to complete the Core Foundation Programme for one academic year (2 semesters) before enrolling into the University’s Academic Foundation Programme, for a further academic year.
Students applying for admission into the Bachelor Programme must submit one of the internationally standardised English proficiency certificates listed above.

Academic Entry Requirement for bachelor Programmes

Each programme requires a certain cut-off grade or mark depending upon the type of certificate the student might have acquired prior to joining the university. Please find the entry requirements for each programme after the programme descriptions.

The final decision on whether entry requirements are fulfilled lies with the Dean of the respective Faculty at GUtech.

International Applicants



Candidates who are interested in GUtech Undergraduate programs are required to apply online only. The online service allows you to apply from your personal computer at your convenient time in addition to reviewing and saving features until you get a reply from the university.

After selecting your academic interest, kindly visit our admission’s webpage for further information on application procedures and requirements.


Omani school leavers normally apply through the Higher Education Admission Center (HEAC).

Students must apply online at www.gutech.edu.om. The documents mentioned below need to be uploaded along with the online application.

All admissions are subject to the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education.
For more information on how to fill in the form, contact the Student Admissions Section on 22061168.
Email: admissions@gutech.edu.om

We will inform you if your application has been successful, and send an Offer letter containing the following information:

  • Your application number
  • The programme of study for which admission is granted
  • The conditions, subject to which admission is granted (if applicable);
  • The duration of your studies
  • Fees and payment details
  • The date and venue of your entrance/placement tests (if applicable)
  • The starting date of classes

Entrance Diagnostic Tests

Credits transfer

Credit Transfer is the process whereby students can be exempt from some parts of their chosen programme of academic study by recognition of their learning from previous experiences and achievements. It must be able to be mapped to particular learning outcomes in courses within the new programme. It must be an achievement of learning that has been formally assessed and certificated from previous study with a higher education organisation.Admissions Criteria and Selection

Detailed admissions criteria may vary between programmes but broadly we are looking for:

  • Academic ability and potential;
  • Suitability for the chosen programme;
  • Commitment and self-motivation.
  1. All applications for Credit Transfer must be accompanied by the Official Transcript of the issuing institution, and the detailed syllabus or course specification for those course for which credit is being requested.
  2. The official transcript, if issued outside Oman, may need to be approved by the Ministry of Higher Education before an official decision can be taken. This attestation process is solely the responsibility of the Applicant, and if approval is not given, no offer will be honoured.
  3. The maximum Credit Transfer that can be awarded is 120 Credit Points in the undergraduate programme.
  4. The time between earning the academic credit and applying for Credit Transfer may not be longer than 5(five) calendar years.
  5. If the academic credit has been used toward a Bachelor level award, it is considered to be spent, and may not be used against another Bachelor award.
  6. Any Credit Transfer counts solely toward the Credit Points required to earn the award; in the case of a Bachelor degree that is 240 Credit Points. The grade earned for such courses cannot be used to earn a grade other than Pass, and so will have no impact of the Cumulative Grade Point Average calculation.
  7. The final 120 credit points of the programme must normally be taken and satisfactorily completed at GUtech.
  8. The University does not award any Credit Transfer for uncertificated learning, or learning through experience.
  9. All admissions decisions are based on academic criteria and excellence in other areas will never compensate for lower academic potential.

There will be a payment required at the time Credit Transfer is requested, which is normally at the Application stage.

  • A copy of the receipt for this payment must be submitted to RSA before any work on consideration of Credit Transfer can be started.
  • The fee will be based on the number of non-GUtech courses for which Credit Transfer is being requested, and will be charged at OMR 50 per course to be considered.
  • This fee is non-refundable regardless of the decision reached.

Responsibility of Applicants

  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide full, accurate and timely information related to an application.
  • The University reserves the right to withdraw any Offer if the application is found to include inaccurate, fraudulent, or plagiarised material.
  • By accepting an Offer, an applicant agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the University.

Offer Process

  • A formal Letter of Offer of Credit Transfer will be sent directly to the Applicant, normally as an attachment via email.
  • Applicants will be given a clearly defined period by which they must accept the Offer. If an Acceptance is not received by that deadline, the applicant will be considered to have rejected the Offer. In the case of a programme with limited places, the place may then be offered to the next Applicant on the list.
  • Offers will be made as quickly as possible. However due to the need for input from professors, and the need to operate a fair process, in some cases it may take longer to reach a decision.
  • Similarly, for some programmes where there are limited places, there may be a deadline whereby some or all applications may be kept pending until a published deadline before any Offers are made. The University tries to keep such cases to a minimum and to ensure the deadline will allow an unsuccessful applicant to have time to apply elsewhere is necessary.
  • The University will require original documents to be submitted at the time of enrolment. Admissions documents will be kept by the University throughout the period of study.


Documents Required for Foundation and Bachelor Programmes
Applicants must apply online here. The following documents need to be uploaded along with the online application. So have digital copies available in pdf format, for example.

  • Original General Education Diploma, or other school leaving certificates
  • Copy of your ID card and Passport
  • Two colour passport-size photographs
  • Payment of the application fee of OMR 100 (US$ 290 if applying from overseas)
  • Evidence of English language proficiency (if available) – For students with international education certificates, whether achieved in Oman or outside, equivalency approval from the Ministry of Education is also required.

Documents Required for Master Programmes
You will need to fill in the application form and submit all of the above, plus:

  • Original Bachelor Certificate and transcripts, attested if necessary
  • Ministry of Higher Education approval forms (two forms plus one photograph)


Could any nationality apply to the university?

yes, the German university of Technology in Oman it is international university, and already we have 35 nationalities.

Does GUtech accept transfer students?

We approve admission of transfer applicants. To be eligible for consideration for admission, applicants should meet the following conditions; good academic standing, transferring from a recognized and accredited institution of higher education offering learning experiences equivalent to which offered by Gutech, they should meet the GUtech  requirements for admission such as English language proficiency requirements (ILTES). Also have to submit the  official transcripts of  high school and college/university records along with the syllabi and descriptions of courses they seek to transfer.

Can I pay tuition fees by instalement?

Yes, you can pay in either two or three instalments per semester. If you opt to pay by instalments, please submit the tuition instalment plan form to the Registration & Student Affairs Department.
See Fees for more detailed information.

See full list of FAQ.

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