Transfer of Undergraduate Credits

Recognising credit points or credit hours bearing courses you completed at another institution requires us to map out the learning outcomes of these courses to specific courses in your chosen undergraduate programme at GUtech. This process is called credit transfer.

Credit transfer requirements:

GUtech welcomes applicants transferring from institutions in Oman or abroad, subject to the following requirements:

  1. Transfer is from a recognised higher education institution;
  2. You meet GUtech direct admission requirements;
  3. You submit the syllabus details or course specification for those courses that you want to be considered for credit transfer;
  4. You submit an official transcript showing credits gained and grades/marks achieved;
  5. You provide an explanation of the grading system

All credit transfer requests are assessed on an individual basis by the relevant academic members.

Please note:

You may need to get your official transcript, if issued outside Oman, approved by the Ministry of Higher Education before an official decision can be taken. The approval process has to be completed by the applicant. If official transcript is not approved, we will withdraw the condition offer we may have issued.

Credit transfer are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Credit bearing courses subject to credit transfer may not be older than five (5) calendar years.
  2. Transferred credit hours/points will not be considered in the computation of GPA at GUtech.
  3. Only grade ‘Pass’ is awarded to the credit transfer courses
  4. The maximum number of credits a student may transfer cannot exceed 120 credits points required for graduation in an undergraduate programme.
  5. Credit transfer is not granted for courses that have been used towards obtaining a Bachelor level award.
  6. The final 120 credit points of the programme must normally be taken and satisfactorily completed at GUtech.

Please note:

GUtech does not award credit transfer for uncertificated learning or learning through experience.

 Credit Transfer Fee

A non-refundable fee of OMR 50 is applicable for the assessment of each course you want us to consider for credit transfer.

Before applying for credit transfer, you should first complete an online for admission to confirm that you meet GUtech undergraduate entry requirements.

Please note:

The number of courses that will be accepted and the credits that will be transferred is not guaranteed.

If we are unable to offer credit transfer, we can still offer you a study place at GUtech that is compatible with our admission requirements.