“I always wanted to know more about university life” – school students at GUtech

A group of seven students are currently conducting their work and study experience days at GUtech. During four days the students are familiarized with life on campus. They visit various academic departments such as the Departments of Maths and Sciences, Engineering, Computer Sciences and Applied Geosciences. The students have the opportunity to meet with professors and interns from Germany and they attend lectures and meet with GUtech students.

For all high school students it is the first time at a university. “We had a Physics lecture, English and Engineering. I am glad to be here. I always wanted to know more about university life,” said Fira Colderia while adding that the lectures are still difficult for her. She is now planning to choose her science subjects for A-level at school. “The days at university are much longer than at school,” said Tamar Haddein. All students are highly interested in sciences. Fira would like to study geosciences or architecture in future, while Tamar and his friend Harris would like to study Mechanical Engineering. The other students showed interest in Computer Sciences and Mathematics. Only one student said that he did not know yet what to study.

GUtech offers Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science programmes in Applied Geosciences, Computer Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Logistics, International Business and Service Management, Urban Planning and Architectural Design. All programmes are taught in English and internationally accredited by ACQUIN.

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