Arts and Science Day at GUtech

Halban The celebrations of the 10th anniversary continued with the Arts & Science Day at GUtech on Thursday 7 December.

Students showcased their artwork, their scientific ideas and research projects in the amphitheatre of the university.

Alanoud Al Balushi, Lamya Al Siyabi, Rehan Al Balushi and Yaman Al Hajri are studying Process Engineering at GUtech. They presented an ‘Acquaponics System’ that feeds fish with a sensor measuring the water level, the acidity and the temperature, in order to ensure the well-being of the fish. According to the students, the acquaponics system ensures a balanced life for fish and plants. “We have seen that we can develop the technical parts through an additional sensor”. Moreover, students Heba Al Kharousi, Arwa Al Salmi and Ishraq Al Hatmi, presented a small model of a hydrogen car, that has won several regional awards recently.

Several interns from Germany, who are currently supporting the Department of Sciences and Maths presented the chemistry of food items. For example, the flavour of ginger is influenced by a number of compounds. The pungency of fresh ginger comes from ‘gingerol’, while the flavour comes from the compound of so-called ‘zingiberen’. Cooking ginger breaks down both compounds.

Aisha Al Fazari, BSc Logistics student 2nd year, showcased her paintings during the arts exhibition. According to Aisha there are around 60 student members in the Arts club. Commenting on her own painting showing a sad clown, she said: “spending time in order to make others feel happy, but without caring about the own feelings.”


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