British school students experience Logistics, Engineering and Geosciences

HALBAN To learn more about the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech), five high school students from the British School Muscat (BSM) have conducted their work experience days on campus last week. Nouf Al Hajri, Arnav Dangmali, Mohammed Al Safadi, Shahzeb Imran and Suliman Mumtaz were introduced to the Departments of Logistics, Engineering and Applied Geosciences. For most of the BSM students it was their first visit to a university.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Buer, Head of the Logistics Department at GUtech said: “Logistics will play a major role in the future of Oman. The students from the British School were curious to get some insights on how Logistics can improve our everyday-lives and our societies, for example by enabling ride-sharing services like Uber, reducing waiting time at a retail store or improving baggage handling at an international airport. We also showed the students our Simulation Laboratory that helped them to better understand cargo operations at a seaport.”

“We were delighted to welcome the students at GUtech. They were very engaged in our activities and have shown an aptitude for sciences. In our Geosciences Department we explained to them the geology itself and the different future job opportunities that require a degree in geology. During our introduction, the students saw different types of rocks and minerals and they learnt about their formation. We also showed them how important geology is to comprehend the global climatic changes happening nowadays,” said Patricia Rodgrigues from the Department of Applied Geosciences at GUtech. “In the Department of Engineering we showed the students different laboratories that are part of our Process, Environmental and Mechanical engineering programmes. We gave them the chance to experience an engineering workshop, while utilizing different tools and equipment for a small project. The students also witnessed different experiments, ongoing projects and new technologies available in our department,” said Poorya Ghafoorpoor from the Department of Engineering.

“The aim of the Year 10 Work Experience is to give the students an insight into the real world of work and develop their personal, social skills and confidence. It allows students to learn about the different roles and structures within an organisation. At the same time it is an unique opportunity to learn more about themselves and discover what really interest them by finding out about different occupations and job groups. This will allow to develop future career plans and enhance their career aspirations,“ said Ajay Khushalbhai, Careers Adviser at the British School Muscat.


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