The 1st OMAN Hydrogen Symposium will be held at GUtech on 9 October

A Symposium, focusing on the opportunities of the global energy transition

Green Hydrogen – produced from renewable energies – a fundamental option for diversifying the economy in Oman

HALBAN The ‘First OMAN Hydrogen Symposium’, under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport & Communications, will be held at the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) on Wednesday, 9 October. During the Symposium experts will discuss and explore the potential of green hydrogen as a new energy carrier for the Sultanate. The Symposium is organised by the OMAN Hydrogen Initiative, founded by GUtech and the German company Hydrogen Rise AG. The OMAN Hydrogen Symposium is supported by the Ministry of Oil and Gas in Oman and in particular by His Excellency Salim bin Nasser bin Said Al-Aufi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil and Gas who will speak at the event. The OMAN Hydrogen Initiative focuses on the development of hydrogen industries in Oman along with developing and facilitating technological and academic competencies including research in all fields of the hydrogen economy. The Symposium will focus on the potential of green hydrogen for the economic future of Oman and its production, storage, distribution and applications. As the global demand for hydrogen is expected to increase in future, it represents significant export opportunities. “This is a joint Renewable Energy Initiative to explore and discuss the potential to produce, develop, operate and export hydrogen and related technologies here in Oman. Our main goal is to start and foster a discussion on hydrogen, to be further explored in future workshops. We have invited a number of high-ranking officials and experts in the field of renewable energies, hydrogen and oil and gas in Oman and from abroad,” said Professor Dr.-Ing. Michael Modigell, Rector of GUtech. Green hydrogen, produced by renewable energies, like sun and wind, is one of the most promising alternative carriers of renewable energies for future CO2-free energy economies. Without green hydrogen, the global task of realizing an energy transition towards renewable energies is very challenging or even impossible. To discuss the potential of this ‘game changing technology’ for Oman, local and international government representatives, industry experts and scientists have been invited to speak at the Symposium presenting recent international hydrogen trends, developments and strategies.

Among others, representatives from the Ministries of Economy in Japan and in Germany, two of the leading hydrogen technology nations will share their insight. These trends and the growing demand for hydrogen around the world offer significant export opportunities for Oman as an important energy carrier. The Sultanate of Oman, like other countries around the globe, with its expertise in energy and outstanding cost advantages in the production of renewable energies and hydrogen can emerge as a major player within the upcoming hydrogen industry. For this, the Oman Hydrogen Initiative will present initial research results and proposals for action. As part of the Hydrogen Initiative actions, GUtech is planning to establish a Hydrogen ‘Competence Center’ and further on to build and operate the first green hydrogen pilot plant on campus while at the same time raising public awareness about the potential of hydrogen as a green energy carrier and industrial feedstock for many new industrial business opportunities in Oman.

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The first Summer School on ‘Climate Change Response Strategies for Sustainable Land Use and Water Management’ held at GUtech

HALBAN The First Summer School on “Climate Change Response Strategies for Sustainable Land Use and Water Management” is currently held at the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech). The two-week interdisciplinary course is conducted in cooperation with professors from Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus/ Senftenberg in Germany. The Summer School focuses on Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Climate Change Response Strategies, Emerging Issues on Environmental Law and Environmental Assessment with a special focus on sustainable land use and water management while combining different teaching techniques such as lectures, case-studies and group work. The summer school courses are directly related to all Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science programmes offered at GUtech. “Since pre-industrial times and due to human activities, urbanisation and industrialization, global greenhouse gas emissions have been rising to more than 70%. As a consequence the frequency of cyclones, heat waves and rain season has been increasing in the past years,” said Prof. Dr. Eike Albrecht during his introduction to Sustainable Development. Today due to climate change especially low-lying areas such as islands are vulnerable to increased sea level rise. At the same time a massive extinction of species has been witnessed worldwide including a drastic decline of insects, for example in Germany, said Prof. Dr. Albrecht, while mentioning that the extinction of plants and species has an impact on the entire ecosystem of our planet and many other species and we human beings will be effected. Over-exploitation of our planet’s resources for food, clothing or other products has accelerated climate change. On the other hand, Prof. Albrecht stressed on the fact that forests are the main producers of oxygen, storing CO2 emissions. These need to be protected on a large scale. According to Prof. Albrecht, currently there are more than 200 international environmental agreements and many bilateral agreements in place.

“The Summer School provides students with in-depth knowledge on highly relevant topics in the field of environmental planning, law, hydrogeology, ecology in the context of sustainable development and coping with the effects of climate change through adaptation and mitigation, such as coping measures to be discussed on a local, regional and global scale. The Summer School provides the students with a new vision of the world they live in, addressing the complexity and interrelation of problems such as environmental degradation, population growth and the scarcity of resources. Climate change in the context of land use and water resource management is gaining importance particularly in Asia and in the Middle East where an increased risk of droughts and mismanagement is projected,” said Prof. Dr. Najah Al Mhanna, Head of the Department of Engineering at GUtech.

© GUtech/ Dr. Manuela Gutberlet and Prof. Dr. Najah Al Mhanna

International Summer School at GUtech

Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg and German University of Technology in Oman with Support of DAAD organise the International Summer School

“Climate Change Response Strategies for Sustainable Land Use and Water Management”

Date: 23rd September–5th October 2019

Venue: German University of Technology in Oman


GUtech and the Oman Oil and Orpic Group have signed a MoU

HALBAN The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech), represented by the Rector, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Modigell and the Oman Oil and Orpic Group, represented by Gilles Rochas, the GM Polymer Marketing, Orpic, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding last Thursday to collaborate on research projects, internship opportunities for Engineering students as well as excursions, professional seminars for GUtech students and any other activities that may support enriching the knowledge of the students. “Orpic’s production of Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) is about to increase to 1.4 million tons by next year; this collaboration with GUtech is so timely and instrumental in accelerating the execution of the circular economy agenda in the country,” said Gilles Rochas, General Manager Polymer Marketing, the Oman Oil and Orpic Group. One of the first joint projects will be on the setting up of a research project on “conversion of plastic waste to fuel” conducted by Prof. Dr. Najah Al Mhanna, Head of the Engineering Department at GUtech. “Our aim is to develop a novel and innovative process that provides a technical solution to one of the most persisting environmental problem in Oman and in the world. The new process will offer a sustainable solution for recycling million tons of plastic waste in Oman,” said Prof. Najah Al Mhanna.

(c) GUtech

Nobel Prize Laureate, Prof. Amano: “Towards a Zero Emission Society”

MUSCAT During an inspiring GUtech public talk by the Nobel Prize laureate (2014), Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Amano, held at the Kempinski Hotel Muscat last Wednesday, the Nobel winner called for an energy shift from oil-based economies towards renewable energies such as solar energy, reducing CO2 emissions by 80%. Prof. Amano stressed that an energy shift can prevent a further increase in temperatures worldwide. He and his research team are currently working on a long-term, interdisciplinary project to find innovative approaches towards developing a ‘Zero Emission Society”. Within this project, Prof. Amano and his colleagues have invented ‘movable offshore solar power stations’.  The so-called “Future Wireless Power Transmission Network” is an open innovation platform that develops sustainable, smart solutions for future energy challenges of our societies based on an Eco Research System. By using LED light, Japan reduced its annual electricity consumption by 7%. Today even in far reaching areas LED lights are used. A few years ago Prof. Amano visited Mongolia and was glad to see that LED lamps are used in the traditional Mongolian Ger tents.

Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Amano is a Doctor of Engineering and he is the Director of the Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics (URFE) at the Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability (IMaSS) and he is the Director of the Akasaki Research Center at Nagoya University (Japan). He was awarded jointly for the Nobel Prize in Physics with Prof. Amano’s colleagues Prof. Dr. Isamu Akasaki and Prof. Dr. Shuji Nakamura in 2014. The three scientists received the Nobel Prize for their invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes LED lights which have enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources.

Prof. Amanos talk entitled “Lighting the world with LEDs” and the “Internet of Energy” was held under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Abdul Munim bin Mansoor Al Hassani, Minister of Information, on Wednesday evening at Kempinski Hotel Muscat, Al Mouj. A number of dignitaries including H.E. Hilal Al Hinai, Secretary General of The Research Council (TRC) attended the event, which was organized by the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) in cooperation with Kempinski Hotel Muscat. Prof. Amano was accompanied by a delegation from Nagoya University (Japan) and the former Japanese Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman, H.E. Seigi Marimoto.

© GUtech/Text: Dr. Manuela Gutberlet; Photo: Fatma Al Balushi

Engineering student gave a workshop on ‘Building a Smart System’ at Siegen University

SIEGEN / Germany. A fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at GUtech, Alazhar Al Azri, gave a workshop on “Building a Smart System in a Digital Fabrication (FAB) Lab” at Siegen University in Germany. Worldwide there exist more than 1,800 FAB labs. “A Fabrication Lab is a digital laboratory where you can make almost anything. It includes laser cutters, 3D Printers or a CNC machine that can be used to build even a car, a bicycle or some medical parts. One of the main goals of Alazhar’s internship is to support the establishment of a “Fabrication Lab” in Oman and that is open to the community,” said Ali Al-Humairi, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and the Hardware Club Supervisor at GUtech. GUtech is planning to open a FAB Lab in cooperation with the FAB Lab of Siegen University. Alazhar who is also the president of the Hardware Club at GUtech is currently conducting his summer internship at Siegen University. “Training young Omani students like Alazhar is the first step towards establishing a Digital Fabrication Lab at GUtech,” said Ali Al-Humairi. The duration of a summer internship varies between 6-8 weeks. The main goal of the internship is to support the students learning process while applying the theoretical knowledge in practice. In addition, while traveling and working abroad, students learn about other cultures and languages.

GUtech has a number of laboratories on campus including a Hardware Laboratory, a Computer and Troubleshooting Laboratory, a Computer Network Laboratory in the Computer Science Department; and a Mechatronic and Measurement Technique Labs in the Engineering Department.



GUtech Public Talk: “The Internet of Energy” by Prof. Hiroshi Amano, Nobel Prize Laureate, 11 September at 7 pm, Kempinski Hotel Muscat

A GUtech Nobel Lecture  at the Kempinski Hotel, Al Mouj on 11 September at 7 pm

HALBAN Under the auspices of Dr. Abdul Munim bin Mansour Al Hasani, Minister of Information, the Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics (2014), Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Amano, will give a special Nobel lecture entitled “Internet of Energy” on Wednesday, 11 September at 7 pm at the Kempinski Hotel Muscat in Al Mouj. The Nobel lecture is open to the general public and organised by the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) in cooperation with the Kempinski Hotel Muscat. “We are very honored to welcome Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Amano as a distinguished speaker. Prof. Amano is not only an outstanding scientist, he is a great teacher and communicator, being able to make the audience curious and let them understand the subject of his scientific research,” said Prof. Dr. Ing. Michael Modigell, Rector of GUtech.

Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Amano was awarded jointly for the Nobel Prize in Physics with his colleagues Prof. Dr. Isamu Akasaki and Prof. Dr. Shuji Nakamura in 2014. The three scientists received the Nobel Prize for their invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources, LED lights. Prof. Amano initiated a network of scientists who works on the “Internet of Energy”.

Engineering student conducts an internship at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany

MUSCAT A GUtech student from the Department of Process Engineering, is currently conducting a two months internship at Faculty of Chemical Engineering of the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe. During his internship, Khamis Hassan is involved in the institute’s research group that works on the chemical processes for manufacturing solar cells. “My supervisor is very kind, knowledgeable and he knows how to instruct students. In general, Karlsruhe is a nice place for engineering students because great engineering works like electromagnetic waves, cathode ray tubes and others were invented here. There are two large museums in the city centre, where you can learn a lot about the history of Karlsruhe and of Germany in general,” said Khamis who has been studying Process Engineering at GUtech in the past three years. His internship was organized through the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) worldwide and the IAESTE office in Oman. IAESTE is an association of national committees representing academic, industrial and student interests. IAESTE serves around 4000 students, 3000 employers and 1000 academic institutions through career-focused professional internships in Engineering and in Sciences abroad, including social and intercultural reception programmes, international networking and other career and employer branding activities in more than 80 countries worldwide. Since three years GUtech has been participating in the international exchange of engineering students. In exchange for the internship at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, GUtech’s Department of Engineering will welcome two international IAESTE students in the next semester.




Environmental Engineering students visit a Desalination Plant

HALBAN To learn more about desalination processes and power generation in Oman, a group of students of the Department of Environmental Engineering and their professor visited the NOMAC/ACWAPOWER  sea water desalination plant in Barka recently. On site the students were introduced to two different chemical processes such as the Multi Stage Flash (MSF) process as a thermal desalination process and the Reverse Osmosis (RO) as a membrane process. Overall, the visit was very fruitful and the group would like to thank NOMAC for receiving them on site.

“Our students were introduced to the main functions of a desalination plant prior to their visit to the site, they received a safety induction session which was delivered by one of the NOMAC staff from the safety and health department. After the induction students were divided into four groups and each group was guided by one of NOMAC engineers to follow for the site visit. The students were excited throughout the visit as it was a great opportunity for them to improve the theory with the practice through an industrial site visit,” said Prof. Dr. Hind Barghash, from the Department of Environmental Engineering at GUtech.

This industrial field-excursion is integrated within the course of Sea Water Desalination which is one of the mandatory courses taught to Environmental Engineering students in the third year of their Bachelor study-programme.

(c) GUtech; Text and Photo: Dr. Manuela Gutberlet and Prof Dr. Hind Barghash



Zero Emissions Car: GUtech team participated in the Shell Eco-marathon 2019

HALBAN The GUtech team ‘Megalodon’ participated in the annual Shell-Eco-Marathon Asia competition ‘Make the Future’ that took place at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia between 29 April 29 and 2 May. The Shell Eco-marathon Asia is an annual competition held for student teams in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Over 100 teams from Asia and the Middle East demonstrated their self-built, energy-efficient, eco-friendly cars. The challenge is to use the least amount of energy for a long distance. In the past four years GUtech teams participated in the diesel category.

“This year, the team Megalodon made its debut as the first student team from the Middle East participating in the Prototype Category with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell three-wheel vehicle,” said Prof. Dr. Emmanouil Bouzakis from the Mechanical Engineering Department at GUtech and supervisor of the team. “The competition is always very demanding, especially for all the hydrogen teams, having to meet high safety standards as well an advanced technical level. In my view, our GUtech team has gained important technical experience with Zero-Emissions Automobile Technologies during this competition and we all are very optimistic for great future achievements in this field,” said Prof. Bouzakis.

The GUtech team is grateful to all their sponsors and supporters: INFINITI Oman and PAINTGREE as well as Shell Oman and GUtech.

GUtech ‘Megalodon Team’ members:

Neeraj Krishnan Gopikrishnan, team manager

Hussam Al Siyabi, deputy team manager

Iman Al Maawali, driver

Al Jaziya Al Nazwani, reserve driver

Anoud Al Wahaibi, team member

Fatma El Sheibany, team member

Sadiyah Manidhar, team member

Sulaiman Al Shaaili, team member

Zamzam Al Farsi, team member

(c) GUtech