Oman First Digital Heritage Training Course

The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) in collaboration with AWJ innovation, 4DHeritage, Centre for International Learning and Leadership (CILL) are offering Oman first train the trainer course in Digital Heritage – a course focused on giving your hands-on training on creating digital content for Oman rich and diverse heritage sites using 360 Cameras.


You need to demonstrate your commitment to complete the course and to work with us on our next course to transfer the knowledge to members of the local community in the future. Upon completion the students will be given a certificate of completion.


The course is free of charge and open for all IBSM students especially semester seven, it could also be of interest to Computer Science Students and UPAD as this training is part of relevance to our next module on Culture and Heritage Tourism – click the link below to apply.


This course is funded by the Anglo Omani Society.

SIEMENS to Support OES with Oman’s First German Technical Apprenticeship Program

Oman Educational Services, OES and Siemens agreed to develop a vocational training institute and introduce the country’s first comprehensive apprenticeship system.


The two companies signed an agreement to establish Oman-German Technology Solutions, a high-tech vocational training institute, built on the German system of apprenticeships. Under the partnership, Siemens will contribute expertise and experience to prepare young Omanis for careers in electrical, mechanical and process engineering and mechatronics.


“What makes it special is that this will be Oman’s first training institute to follow Germany’s widely respected model for dual-track vocational education,” said Claudia V. Massei, CEO for Siemens Oman. “This Siemens contribution to the Omani society is deeply aligned with the values of our company: innovation, excellence and responsibility. We are proud to play a role in empowering the next generation of Omani technical specialists to succeed in careers in manufacturing, infrastructure, and energy industries.”


The training program will start with 100 apprentices and gradually expand to meet the requirements of the growing Oman labor market. Graduates will gain valuable qualifications that will help them in the job market and throughout their careers. During the three-year program, apprentices will progressively spend less time in the classroom and more in on-the-job training, which gives a graduate technical expert, qualified on Level 5, a boost at the workplace, when they start their first jobs after the program.


‘’The institute will aim to reduce Omani youth unemployment and make the country’s economy more competitive’’, said Dr. Hussain Al Salmi, CEO of Oman Educational Services. “This cooperation is coming at the right time,” he said. ‘’Oman German Technology Solutions (OGtech) as a new subsidiary of OES with a strong link to GUtech and our German partners, is a vocational training project, based on the successful German-style Apprenticeship system, with a mission to instill the Omani youth with in-depth, practical knowledge in preparation for careers in Oman’s industries’’. Dr. Hussain emphasized on the fact, that the next generation of the Omani industrial labor force will be able to adopt and integrate transformative intelligent technologies into every area of business to optimize processes, make data-driven decisions, and promote innovation.


OGtech builds on Siemens’ success with similar vocational training efforts in at least 20 countries, including the United States, Egypt, Qatar, and Germany.


Officials attending the signing ceremony included Amelie Tittel, Chancellor at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany; Dr. AlKhattab Ghalib Al Hinai, Vice Chairman of the State Council and a member of the board of governors at German University of Technology in Oman; and Abdulrahman al Yahyaei, CEO of the Oman Society for Petroleum Services.

GUtech welcomed Eng. Saeed Al-Mandhari, CEO of the Omani Group for Communications and Information Technology

GUtech welcomed Eng. Saeed bin Abdullah Al-Mandhari, CEO of the Omani Group for Communications and Information Technology.

This visit comes to strengthen the field of cooperation and partnership, which aims to develop academic capabilities, scientific research, and innovation.

During the visit, Al-Mandhari and a number of company members met with Dr. Hussain bin Suleiman Al-Salmi, Acting reciter of the University.

Al-Salmi gave a visual presentation that included the most prominent developments of the university, its specializations and achievements, in addition to discussing the quality of education in the Sultanate, and looking forward to adopting the projects and inventions of graduate students and linking them to industry and foreign investments.

The visit included a tour of the History of Science Center, and a close acquaintance with the importance of the center and its role in highlighting the civilizational and Islamic contribution, in addition to a tour of the Finnish-Omani school, to know its Finnish education system, its teaching mechanism and how implementing joy in learning and quality of education make the school special.

Career Talk: “Skills Employers look for in Candidates”

Under the patronage of the Honorable Lujaina Mohsin Darwish The Honorary President of GUtech Alumni Association   GUtech Career Office in Cooperation with Sohar Aluminium invites you to attend the fourth Career Talk   Skills Employers Look For in Candidates   Guest speaker: Bader Al Moqbali HR Operation Team Leader at Sohar Aluminium

📆 13.04.2021

⏰ 7:00 PM

🖥️ Microsoft Teams

Don’t miss the event. Register Now to attend!   Registration closed on 12.04.2021

“How to Choose a University Programme That Fits You”

Excerpt: A career seminar for grade 12 students “How to Choose a University Programme That Fits You” to help them discover the most appropriate career path.

To discover the right university and choose the most appropriate career path for you, the seminar of “How to Choose a University Programme That Fits You” is a great opportunity for your to get to learn about what to focus on when you are looking for a programme of study that best suits their need. If you are interested, you are kindly required to fill out the registration form in order to receive the link to attend the seminar:

Faculty promotions announced

Faculty promotions announced


The Board of Governors approved the following promotions at their meeting on Monday 18 January 2021:

Dr. Ekkehard Holzbecher – Promoted to Professor of Applied Geosciences

Dr. Ivan Callegari – Promoted to Associate Professor of Applied Geosciences

Dr. Ahmed Hadidi – Promoted to Assistant Professor of Applied Geosciences

Dr. Rab Nawaz – Promoted to Senior Lecturer of Science

Our heartiest congratulations to these deserving faculty!

GUtech's Board of Governors discusses academic and administrative matters and approves faculty members promotions

مجلس إدارة جيوتك يناقش المسائل الأكاديمية ويقر بترقيات لعدد من أعضاء هيئة التدريس

عقد مجلس إدارة الجامعة الألمانية للتكنولوجيا في عمان (جيوتك) أول اجتماع له لعام 2021 في حرم جيوتك مؤخرًا.

وناقش المجلس مختلف الأمور الأكاديمية والإدارية والمالية المتعلقة بعمل الجامعة. كما استعرض المسائل التي تتطلب موافقة المجلس وتوجيهه.

وترأس الاجتماع البروفيسور الدكتور ريرنات روديجار، رئيس جامعة آر دبليو تي آتش آخن الألمانية، ورئيس مجلس إدارة جيوتك،  بحضور أعضاء حضروا شخصيًا في حرم جيوتك ، بينما انضم آخرون عن بُعد.

خلال الاجتماع ، وافق مجلس الإدارة رسميًا على جدول أعمال الاجتماع ومحضر الاجتماع الأخير. كما استعرضت الموضوعات المختلفة مثل سياسة الصحة والسلامة، والتقرير المرحلي حول إطار عمل لجنة التقييم في آخن بالإضافة إلى التقدم المحرز في الدورات المختلطة والدورات عن بعد.

بعد ذلك، اجتمع المجلس مع ممثلين عن المجلس الاستشاري الطلابي لمناقشة الأمور ذات الصلة والأهمية بالنسبة للهيئة الطلابية في الجامعة. وقدم أعضاء المديرية إلى مجلس الإدارة لمحة عامة عن تقييم الخطة الاستراتيجية للفترة 2013-2019. بعد ذلك، ناقش المجلس إضافة برامج جديدة إلى الجامعة الألمانية، وإحالة الموافقة إلى وزارة التعليم العالي.

بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، ناقش المجلس التقدم المحرز في تحديد رئيس الجامعة الجديد وتلقى تحديثًا بشأن متطلبات الاعتماد. كما وافق المجلس على ترقيات أربعة أعضاء من هيئة تدريس ومنح رتبة بروفيسور لـ يكيهارد هولزبيشر من علوم الأرض التطبيقية. كما استعرض الاجتماع الأمور الإدارية والمالية والاستثمارية المتعلقة بعمل الجامعة.

ويعتبر المجلس الإداري مسؤول بشكل جماعي عن إدارة الجامعة وضمان مساءلتها تجاه الأهداف المحددة في خطتها الاستراتيجية.

الجدير بالذكر أن مجلس الإدارة يجتمع مرتين سنويًا على الأقل في جامعة آر دبليو تي آتش آخن الألمانية ، أو الجامعة الشريكة الأكاديمية الألمانية، أو في حرم جيوتك بحلبان.

ويتكون مجلس الجامعة من ممثلين عن المديرية، وممثل عن وزارة التعليم العالي في عمان، والسفير الألماني في عمان، وممثلين عن الأكاديميين في عمان، وممثل من خدمات التبادل الأكاديمي الألمانية وممثلين عن مجلس الإدارة.

GUtech professor receives national research award for addressing transportation services redundancy

GUtech professor receives national research award for addressing transportation services redundancy

Prof. Dr. Nafaa Jabeur, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at GUtech, alongside co-researchers from Dhofar University, has received the National Research Award during the seventh cycle of the Annual Research Forum organised by the Research and Innovation Sector of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MoHERI).

Dr. Nafaa and his colleagues’ paper, “Transportation Service Redundancy from a Spatio-Temporal Perspective” won in the Information Systems and Communication Technologies field.

The winning research addresses the mismatch between demand and supply for taxi services in big cities. Dr. Nafaa explained that: “To address this discrepancy, we used the concept of service redundancy. More specifically, we modelled citywide taxi service redundancy as an explicit spatio-temporal phenomenon. We deployed Machine Learning techniques to qualify this redundancy in space and time. We proposed an agent-based collaborative scheme for the calculation, collection, and control of service redundancy at three different levels: namely micro level (service redundancy at the immediate surroundings of individual taxis), meso level (redundancy at taxi operators’ level), and macro level (service redundancy at a city level).” “Taxi operators are relying on several strategies to optimize the commutes of their fleets through the cities, without being successful in avoiding long empty-cruise time as well as considerable waste of fuel.” The results of the “intensive simulation experiments showed a significant decrease of imbalance in city-wide transportation supply-demand as well as a better trade-off between customers’ satisfaction and taxis’ profits,” he added.

Prof. Nafaa holds a PhD in Computer Science from Laval University in Canada. He has been working at GUtech since 2013. Prof. Nafaa is also GUtech’s Director of Research. His research interest includes sensor web, sensor networks, and wireless sensor networks; cyber-physical systems.


(c) Text: GUtech/ Fatima El Madkouri & Prof. Dr. Nafaa Jabeur


OES - GUtech Selects GEARS ERP

Oman Educational Services Collaborates with PBS to Implement GEARS ERP and Develop a New SIS for GUtech

Oman Educational Services (OES) and Prime Business Solutions (PBS) have signed a collaborative agreement to cooperate for the implementation of GEARS ERP, a cutting-edge comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution and for the development of a Student Information System (SIS).

GEARS ERP, fully developed by PBS, is designed to help increase productivity, lower costs and improve operations’ monitoring and collaborations. By rolling out GEARS ERP to one of OES entities, the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech), OES will not only be able to embrace current best practices, but it will also enable the University to integrate emerging technology to support changing organizational demands.

OES and PBS collaboration goes beyond implementing GEARS ERP, but to work together on developing a new student information system (SIS). The SIS will extend the ERP features to respond to the needs of the higher education sector and align the organisation and business insights of private universities and colleges. The ERP and SIS solutions will provide GUtech’s students as well as administrative and faculty members with the latest technology tools enabling real time access to information and processes.

Upon signing the agreement, Dr. Hussain Al Salmi, CEO of OES and GUtech Acting Rector said: “the collaboration with PBS, a strong and forward-looking Omani company, allows us to consolidate different solutions for a streamlined management of academic and administrative operations.”

The signing ceremony took place at GUtech campus in the presence of senior administrative representatives from PBS and OES, alongside heads of academic faculties from GUtech.

Al Salmi also commented: “OES has made a strategic decision to collaborate with PBS. Sharing our operational and academic knowledge with PBS team will result in an exceptional SIS to make the University’s functions simple and intuitive.”

OES is a 100% Omani-owned limited liability company with a core interest in education. OES operates a range of educational institutions in Oman, including GUtech, the first German University in GCC affiliated with RWTH Aachen University, Finland Oman School (FOS), the History of Science Centre (HSC), and other entities offering educational support and services.



(c) Text: GUtech/ Fatima El Madkouri

GUtech students and parents to obtain funding from Meethaq Islamic Bank in compliance with Islamic Sharia principles.

Oman Educational Services and Meethaq Sign Agreement to Extend Education Finance for GUtech and FOS Students and Parents

GUtech students and parents to pay tuition fees through IJARAH by Meethaq Islamic Bank.

Oman Educational Services, the owner company of the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) and Finland Oman School (FOS), has signed an agreement with Meethaq Islamic Banking from Bank Muscat to provide financing options to students paying tuition fees at GUtech and for parents paying FOS fees.

The agreement was signed by Dr Hussain Al Salmi – CEO of Oman Educational Services cum GUtech’s Acting Rector, and Shamzani Mohammed Hussain, General Manager – Meethaq Islamic Banking, in the presence of a number of officials.

The agreement will allow working students and parents to utilise the bank’s education financing service to pay to tuition fees. Thus, helping to mitigate the financial pressures on students and parents.

Besides the parents of FOS students, the financing facility will allow GUtech students and parents to obtain funding from Meethaq Islamic Bank in compliance with Islamic Sharia principles.

Following the principle of ‘Ijarah’, Meethaq will be subleasing the education services of GUtech and FOS at the request of students and parents against deferred payments to be concluded through a Service Ijarah contract.

Speaking about the agreement, Dr Al Salmi said that the partnership with Meethaq Islamic Bank allow us to expand the range of payment options available to students and parents.

Oman Educational Services operates among others Oman’s first green campus, a full-fledged campus encompassing GUtech, FOS, History of Science Centre, a Solar Facility Training, Siemens Mechatronics Lab, and a variety to workshops and labs dedicated to enriching the educational experience of students.

GUtech boasts four faculties offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. All GUtech programmes are being developed in collaboration with European partners. GUtech’s undergraduate programmes are internationally accredited.

FOS is the first private school in Oman, established in 2018, offering Finnish pedagogical model in Oman to K-12 students. FOS is open to all students from all nationalities.