GUtech Innovation Days

A two-day competition was held, and a judging panel evaluated the projects. This two-day workshop invited students from all disciplines to work in interdisciplinary teams on a defined challenge. Students were introduced to Design Thinking as a creative and user-centered method. In a structured process, ideas were generated in creative phases, which were implemented as simple prototypes and iteratively tested and adapted. A team of trained facilitators guided the teams through their individual design processes and provided insights into the opportunities and challenges of their idea. At the end of the day, a jury of experts selected the best idea. 

GUtech welcomes German Delegations

Muscat, 10th Nov. Professor Dr. Michael Braun, Rector of the German University of Technology in Oman, welcomed Roland Weigert, Vice Minister in the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy in the Free State of Bavaria. The meeting was attended by politicians from the Free State of Bavaria, the Bavarian parliament, AHK UAE and Oman, and H2Diplo. The two sides reviewed the cooperations between the university (GUtech) and the Bavarian institution, as well as means of enhancing them, especially in the fields of renewable energy, education, and joint investments.

Muscat, 16th Nov. Professor Dr. Michael Braun, also welcomed Dr. Tobias Lindner Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office and Thomas Friedrich Schneider, the German Ambassador in Oman. The network meeting involved discussions related to research fundings, student mobility options, and ways of cooperation with German universities and industry.

The German-Omani Society Visit

The Deutsch-Omanische Gesellschaft (The German-Omani Society) visit the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) on the 14th of  November  2022. Their visit included a tour of the History of Science Centre.

The visit is a part of the society’s Jubilee programme, celebrating 50th years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Oman celebrating the society’s anniversary that has been founded 30 years ago in the Omani Embassy in Bonn.

Inauguration of the UNESCO Chair for World Heritage Management and Sustainable Tourism at the German University of Technology in Oman.

The UNESCO Chair for World Heritage Management and Sustainable Tourism at the German University of Technology in Oman was inaugurated Under the patronage of H.E. Salim bin Mohammed Al Mahrouqi; Minister of Heritage and tourism and with the participation of H.E. Shaikha Mai Bint Mohamed Al Khalifa; Chairperson of the Board of directors of the Arab the Regional Center for World Heritage.

Prof. Dr. Michael Braun, Rector of the University, introduced the university and its commitment to research and innovation; and commented that the chair comes as a great accomplishment on the university’s 15th anniversary.

Chairholder Professor Dr. Heba Aziz of the UNESCO chair at GUtech stated: “The establishment of the UNESCO chair at GUtech offers new research, teaching and learning opportunities at GUtech and is a further recognition of GUtech’s academic focus on the field of cultural heritage and sustainable tourism management”

the Chairholder Professor Aziz added “Oman’s vision 2040 remains at the core of the chair’s activity. National priorities focusing on Citizenship, Identity, National Heritage and Culture, sustainable cities and governorates and employment and labour markets are the compass that directs the chairs activity. The chair will work closely with the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism to make sure that it provides the necessary scientific research and labour force to achieve its vision.”

World Heritage Sites draws international attention to heritage sites of outstanding universal value and is expected to increase the number of visitors to these sites. The chair aims to support the role of world heritage in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals by employing tourism in its comprehensive and sustainable manifestation to drive socio-economic development and to maximize benefits to the communities surrounding these sites.

The Chair is established in partnership with the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage, a UNESCO Category II Centre based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The center serves 19 Arab States in the promotion and management of cultural and natural sites by providing technical support and reinforcing the implementation of the 1972 World Heritage Convention in the region.
The chair complements the role that of the center and will introduce several academic programs in the field of tourism management in World Heritage sites, digitization of heritage, heritage narrative and interpretation and heritage economics. GUtech will also introduce Master’s degree in World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism management in collaboration with the Arab Regional Center for World Heritage.

The chair team consists of Jokha Al Saqri, researcher in Heritage studies, Prof. Dr. Osman Barghouth co-chair holder and Prof. Dr. Heba Aziz, UNESCO chair holder

This is the first chair specialized in this field and the first UNESCO chair concerned with the field of World Heritage for the Arab region as a whole.

GUtech and Marafiq sign an MoU to explore areas of cooperation in Research & Development, Training, and Innovation in renewable energy projects, including water technology.

Muscat – 30 October 2022

the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) signed today (30 October 2022) a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Marafiq to explore possible cooperation opportunities between both parties.

The MoU was signed by Eng. Abdullah Al Hashimi, Managing Director of Marafiq and Dr. Hussain Al Salmi, Deputy Rector for Administration and Finance of the German University of Technology in Oman.

The MoU provides for the parties to cooperate in areas related to supporting innovation, research and development projects involving GUtech students, enhancing their skills and providing them with training in projects managed by Marafiq in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm. It also supports cooperation between Marafiq and GUtech in renewable energy projects, including water

technology, which contributes to strengthening the Sultanate of Oman’s efforts to invest in clean energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Commenting on signing this MoU, Eng. Abdullah Al Hashimi, Managing Director of Marafiq, stated that the Memorandum of Understanding reflects the two parties’ interest in achieving the Sultanate of Oman’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

Upon the signing ceremony, Al Hashimi stressed the Company’s interest in strengthening the efforts of higher education institutions aimed at developing the skills of students and providing an encouraging environment for scientific research and innovation. In this regard, Marafiq is sponsoring 5 students in different disciplines with practical hands-on experience in Marafiq projects in Duqm.

“Signing this MoU with GUtech aims to encourage students to research in the fields of energy, especially renewable energy. The projects managed by Marafiq in the energy and water sectors in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm will serve to inspire students, hone their skills and encourage them for further research and exploration in this important sector”, explained Eng. Al Hashimi.

On the other hand, Dr. Hussain bin Suleiman Al Salmi, Deputy Rector for Administration and Finances of the German University of Technology in Oman, commented, “GUtech is committed to developing and promoting innovation and scientific research projects in the Sultanate of Oman, and is exerting all its capabilities to encourage its students to do so. Hence, we are proud of partnering with Marafiq, as we are looking forward to the MoU’s contribution to achieving the objectives of both parties, whether in the scientific research and innovation, or in the areas of clean and renewable energy”.

MOU signing Ceremony between WAKUD International LLC and GUtech

WAKUD International LLC and GUtech, the German University of Technology in Oman, are pleased to announce their newly established cooperation in developing Bio Engineering Research and Development in both, academic and shop floor eco-systems.

WAKUD, a biodiesel refining company with operations in Oman, converting Used Cooking Oil into Biodiesel and GUtech are interested in creating a platform for Environmental Engineering challenges to be tackled by science and industry.

“Wakud’s vision is to be a catalyst for biofuels and waste-to-energy ecosystem in Oman. Academic institutions play a major role in that ecosystem. Wakud is excited to partner with GUtech on enhancing the research and development opportunities in this space as well as offering students a chance to gain hands-on experience at our production facility in Khazaen.” Maher Al Habsi, CEO, Wakud.

Various cross-cutting technical features throughout the Alternative Energy and Engineering Sector offer Omani youth an accentuated deep dive into problem-solving of technical challenges, that need to be addressed by innovative minds.

GUtech students will benefit from both partners’ respective expertise and potentials to enhance the BIOFUELS and ALTERNATIVE ENERGY Sector in Oman, researching state-of-the-art solutions and gaining hands-on practical experience, moving the dial for Oman’s future society and economy.

‘’GUtech’s agile infrastructure allows for fast and flexible adjustments of innovative solutions for modern day environmental challenges. GUtech is known to be one of the most experienced academic partners in research and education in particular for young and innovative enterprises. Our future will be multi-facetted eco-system and BIOFUELS together with other technologies will play an important role to accomplish a circular economy and to create a CO2-neutral world’’, emphasizes Prof. Michael Braun, the Rector of GUtech.

German Unity Day

The German University of Technology in Oman is pleased to congratulate all German citizens on the occasion of German Unity Day which is celebrated on 3rd of October.

This auspicious day honors the reunification of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in 1990, formally coming together as one German state

New initiative to solve the problem of treatment of water contaminated with crude oil: Polish-Omani scientific cooperation

The oil industry is one of the world’s biggest industries and is a locomotive driving the Omani national economy. The crude oil extraction is always coupled with environmental challenges, and in addition, it consumes a large amount of water which later needs to be treated: extracting 1 barrel of crude oil produces around 9 barrels of contaminated water. Furthermore, potential crude oil and wastewater spills due to accidents cause soil, river, and underground water contamination, harming local society and human activities. Eliminating these environmental and social consequences requires significant financial expenditures burdening the Omani national economy.

The Research and Innovation Centre , RIC Pro-Akademia, from Republic of Poland and the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) have established a new initiative to solve the problem of water contaminated with crude oil in Oman: the WASTE4H2 project. Within this project, produced water will be processed using an innovative process that can significantly reduce wastewater contamination. An additional advantage of the proposed technology is that it simultaneously produces hydrogen. The process will be powered with green energy, produced by the innovative PVT system, resistant to overheating and dusty sand from the desert.

“Advanced oxidation process has already shown promising results in treating industrial, agricultural, and domestic wastewaters containing harmful pollutants such as aromatic compounds, dyes, pesticides, etc., as well as pathogenic microflora. This is because of several major factors affecting the potential contaminants such as the high temperature, the emitted light spectrum, the production of the hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide , and the generated shock waves in the vicinity of the discharge electrode” – says a Project Manager from RIC Pro-Akademia Dr.-Ing. Marcin Siedlecki.

“Currently, according to human attempts to build a carbon-free society, considerable attention is given to developing hydrogen-generating technologies. This is because hydrogen has a high specific energy density and is considered a clean energy carrier. Moreover, due to the intermittency of the renewable electricity generated by variable renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, hydrogen production offers a continuous way of converting renewable energy into so-called renewable hydrogen. For these reasons, hydrogen is regarded as an energy carrier of the future.” – said a Principal Investigator from RIC Pro-Akademia Dr.-Ing. Sergii Bespalko.

The current available electrolyser to produce green hydrogen requires high purity water. Consequently, it is necessary to have a water pre-treatment plant, which is another challenge concerning the excessive cost and membrane contamination when it comes to treating industrial wastewater. Therefore, developing an integrated system that converts industrial wastewater (e.g., produced water) to hydrogen seems to be a novel technology that is simultaneously addressing the technical issues of other methods and produces valuable products. In this project, wastewater will be processed using an innovative advanced oxidation process that can significantly reduce wastewater contamination.” said Dr. Eng. Najah Al Mhanna, the Principal Investigator at GUtech.

WASTE4H2 is financially supported by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) in the framework of the INNOGLOBO program and by the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech).

“We are very glad about of the established R&D collaboration between institutions of our countries – Republic of Poland and Sultanate of Oman. The proposed research project aims to develop a pilot unit at the scale of 0.5 m3 of wastewater per hour, combining advanced oxidation process for wastewater treatment and simultaneous hydrogen production for future transport, buildings, mobile electronic devices, and industrial applications. The new proposed technology will be interesting for the Polish oil refineries as well.” – said President of RIC Pro-Akademia Mrs. Dr. Ewa Kochańska.

“The increasing demand for energy while at the same time aiming to reduce CO2 emission (zero emission) gives a new level of urgency to the development of alternative technologies and approaches, such as renewable energy and hydrogen production. Hydrogen is considered as an essential key component in the future energy supply. Moreover, the potential of hydrogen as new economic engine for Oman has been emphasized by the Hydrogen Economy Feasibility Study that was conducted by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals in Oman” said Prof Armin Eberlein, the Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs at GUtech.

The kick-off meeting of the project partners was held recently at the Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia, where Prof. Najah Al Mhanna represented the German University of Technology in Oman. The project partners had an excellent opportunity to discuss the timing and structure of the work packages, allocation of tasks, as well as envisaged deliverables and milestones.

GUtech’s Professional Development Days

One of GUtech’s mechanisms for professional development and training for its staff is the annual Professional Development Days (PDD), a one-week event scheduled on September 4-8 this year. The main aim is to welcome new academic and administrative staff members at GUtech and to improve the overall research and teaching environment. In addition, the one-week programme includes presentations by the Rectorate on the new roadmap of GUtech and a workshop to evaluate GUtech’s operational and functional plans. This week included eleven workshops ranging from workshops on academic advising, QS ranking, managing research through ORCiD and many workshops on improving education and research in GUtech. In addition, GUtech’s partner university, the RWTH Aachen University, Germany, conducted several PDD workshops.


  • The partnership showcases the competitive capabilities of Oman`s ports to export the green hydrogen
  • The agreement will include research on the role of Asyad’s ports and logistics services in shaping Oman’s green hydrogen economy.

Muscat, Oman – September– Driven by its goal to be among the leading companies in the global Green Hydrogen Value Chain, Asyad signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oman Hydrogen Centre at the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) to study the potential of Oman’s ports and logistics services in shaping the nation’s green hydrogen economy.

According to international consultancy McKinsey’s Global Energy Perspective, green hydrogen demand is anticipated to grow sixfold by 2050 driven by the road transport, maritime and aviation sectors. Against this backdrop, Asyad’s agreement with GUtech includes conducting in-depth research and analysis against global best practices to enhance the efficiency of Asyad’s ports and logistics operations as well the competencies and human resources required to cater for this clean energy sector.

Essam bin Nasser Al Shaibani, Vice President of the Sustainability at Asyad Group said, “Asyad’s holistic approach revolves around achieving sustainability at various levels including economic, environmental and society particularly in its operations and development plans. Partnering with Oman Hydrogen Centre will help us identify, capture, and assess our strengths and areas of improvement. It will also allow us to gather the necessary data we need to set the competitive standards for our logistics services to contribute to the Sultanate’s efforts in building a green hydrogen economy and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Al Shaibani emphasized that Asyad is working to position Oman as a global hub for the clean energy sector, adopting the latest logistics technologies to handle and export green hydrogen and its derivatives to markets all around the world.

Furthermore, it is working closely with the private and public sectors to contribute in achieving Net-Zero by 2050.

Dr. Sausan Said Al Riyami, Director of Oman Hydrogen Centre at GUTech explained that the partnership with Asyad is multi-faceted and includes energy efficiency, renewable energy, green hydrogen, and capacity building. She added that Asyad’s ports and logistic services can be leading the supply chain through research and development, the implementation of innovative processes, building local talent and attracting regional and international expertise, transferring and localizing technology. To date, the Group’s efforts in decarbonization and the development of the hydrogen sector have been regionally lauded, setting a benchmark for others to follow. These include promoting green shipping, energy conservation and optimization as well as producing, handling and exporting green hydrogen through Duqm, all of which showcase the rapid progress of Oman’s the logistics sector and the Group’s crucial role in promoting connectivity, trade and economic growth.