GUtech Welcomes Federal Minister Dr Robert Habeck and Announces Strategic Partnership with Siemens to Drive Sustainability


Muscat, 9th January 2024  The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) proudly hosted Dr Robert Habeck, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action in Germany, and a distinguished delegation, marking a momentous occasion in GUtech’s commitment to sustainability and pioneering innovation.


The visit was accompanied by a welcome speech by Prof. Dr Michael Braun, Rector of GUtech, shedding light on the university’s exceptional journey and its pivotal role as an academic powerhouse and industry collaborator. GUtech’s distinctive success as a “German” university abroad, strategically situated on the Arab peninsula, was emphasized, highlighting its academic excellence and industry relevance.


The notable Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between GUtech and Siemens, announced during Dr. Habeck’s visit, underscores a mutual dedication to driving energy optimization and sustainability within GUtech’s campus. This partnership, inaugurated by Dr Habeck and Omani officials, signifies a joint commitment to fostering environmental stewardship and reducing carbon emissions in Oman’s educational sector.


Honourable Der. Hussain Al Salmi, Deputy Rector of Administration Affairs and Finance at GUtech, and Jamie Hoyzer, CEO of Siemens, signed the MoU, symbolizing a shared commitment to a sustainable future. The collaborative initiative, scheduled for completion in 2024, will harness cutting-edge technologies such as Siemens Demand Flow with cooling towers retrofit and Siemens Navigator. These innovations are anticipated to deliver a remarkable annual energy saving of 36% and a substantial CO2 reduction of 642 metric tons, aligning seamlessly with Oman’s vision of achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

Prof. Dr. Michael Braun expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This project perfectly aligns with GUtech’s commitment to sustainability, offering practical implementations while nurturing our students’ awareness of environmental stewardship. It extends beyond traditional facility management, integrating advanced technologies to enrich operational efficiency and student learning experiences.”


A cornerstone of this collaboration is establishing the GUtech/Siemens student innovation centre, envisioned to provide an immersive learning environment through internships, co-creation programs, and green building dashboards. This initiative aims to empower students with hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, further enriching the educational landscape.


Jamie Hoyzer, CEO of Siemens in Oman, highlighted the project’s comprehensive and innovative nature, emphasizing its strategic alignment with sustainability objectives and educational advancement. He remarked, “This project is a model that expertly combines technological expertise, sustainability goals, and educational empowerment, serving as a testament to our commitment to driving positive change.”


This collaboration builds upon GUtech’s earlier initiative in 2020, when the university inaugurated the first Siemens Mechatronics Laboratory in Oman, reinforcing GUtech’s position as a trailblazer in technological education in the region.

The partnership between GUtech and Siemens signifies a pioneering step toward a sustainable future, uniting academia and industry in a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and educational excellence.


Spouse of German President Visits GUtech’s History of Science Centre

Elke Büdenbender, spouse of German President Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, today visited the History of Science Centre at the German University of Technology (GUtech), as part of the current official visit of the President to the Sultanate of Oman.

The guest was received upon her arrival at the centre by Professor Dr. Michael Brown, Vice-President of GUtech, and other officials.

She listened to a briefing about the History of Science Centre, which acts as an educational and cultural source for generations and highlights cultural contribution and human communication among people. Towards these objectives, the centre focuses on developing applied sciences and demonstrating the history of the transmission of ideas and theories.

During the visit, the guest took note of student projects in various research specializations.

She later visited the GUtech and toured its departments and colleges. There, she was briefed about the academic curriculum, the services provided by the university and its scholarly research programmes.

The guest was accompanied during the visit by Dr. Rahma Ibrahim Al Mahrouqi, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.



Cooperation Agreement between GUtech and VEOLIA LLC

On the 4th of October, the German University of Technology in Oman and VEOLIA LLC officially signed a cooperation agreement. The Parties have identified common scientific areas of interest related to environment, technology, and sustainability, and both parties explored prospects for working together to encourage and facilitate the discovery, dissemination and application of knowledge and innovation between them. This strategic partnership aims to enhance collaboration between the two entities in the fields of research, development, and innovation, training, and exchange of experiences.

Graduation Ceremony for the Third Batch of Master Programme in Business Administration

After the successful completion of the GUtech-WU Master in Business Administration Programme, the Third batch of our MBA programme students has achieved yet another academic milestone. Some graduates from the batch were able to attend the official graduation ceremony which was held in @Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna.

British Council Visit to the German University of Technology in Oman

On the 3rd of October, GUbridge had the distinct honor of hosting Mr. Simon Green, Exams Director of MENA South for the British Council, as part of his first visit to Oman . This visit was marked by an insightful tour of our esteemed institution, included a tour of our examination facilities the GUTests – a centre that offers internationally recognised assessments like IELTS. Additionally, Mr. Green had the opportunity to familiarize himself with our History of Science Museum.

His Excellency Eng. Saeed bin Hamood Al Mawali, Minister of Transport, Communication, and Information visited the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech)

His Excellency Eng. Saeed bin Hamood Al Mawali, Minister of Transport, Communication, and Information visited the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech), during which he was briefed on the thesis for students of the Computer Science and Logistics,Toursim and Service Management and the institution’s developments in Academic and Research terms, Also they discussed the aspirations, future projects, and mechanisms for improving the quality of education, scientific research, and innovation in it.
His Excellency also met with students and academic Faculty at the university during the dialogue session, in which they discussed future plans in the Computer Science and Logistics,Tourism and Service Management sector for the Sultanate. The University Rector, Prof. Dr. Michael Braun gave a visual presentation that included the most important developments of the University, its programmes, and achievements. Also, quality of education and research at the university was discussed.

Opportunities for Heritage Announces Registration for the Upcoming Conference Participation

Opportunities for Heritage Announces Registration for the Upcoming Conference Participation

We are pleased to announce that the registration for the Opportunities for Heritage: Fostering Innovation, Conservation and Sustainability conference, set to take place in Muscat, Oman, is officially open until 1 February 2024.
The Conference is inviting academics, professionals, policymakers, students, and those who are interested in taking part in this event are welcome to register.
There is an early bird special for registration, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible to utilize this opportunity. Note that the date for early bird registration ends 1 November 2023.
Please find the link below for registration and further information:

We look forward to your participation as we strive together to cultivate a better future for heritage and sustainable tourism management.

The UNESCO Chair for World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Management in the Arab Region Organizes its first conference

Opportunities for Heritage

Fostering Innovation, Conservation and Sustainability


German University of Technology in Oman

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 24 – 27 February 2024


We are delighted to announce the Call for Abstracts for the First Conference of the UNESCO Chair for World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Management in the Arab Region which will take place in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 24 – 27 February 2024. This esteemed conference, hosted at the German University of Technology in Oman, will provide a platform to explore the diverse opportunities that heritage offers in fostering sustainability, conservation, and innovation.


In collaboration with the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH), this conference seeks to uncover the immense opportunities for innovative conservation and sustainable development for cultural and natural heritage.


We invite scholars, researchers, professionals, practitioners, and students to submit their abstracts for consideration. This is an exceptional opportunity to share your expertise and insights and contribute to shaping the future of heritage and sustainable tourism management.


The deadline to submit an abstract for the conference is the 1st of September 2023.


Please submit your abstracts via For any inquiries or further information, please visit our conference website or contact our conference secretariat at


We look forward to your valuable contributions and to welcoming you at the First Conference of the UNESCO Chair for World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Management in the Arab Region.


New achievement for GUtech Students

Held at the 2023 COMEX, NTG hosted a CTF competition which took a period of 2 days, 24th and 25th of May. 46 teams competed firstly in an online round, resulting in 6 qualified teams gathered at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre to solve 6 cybersecurity challenges ranging from SQL injection to credentials brute forcing and malware design.

Instructed and supervised by Dr Waseem Anwar – Assistant Professor from Computer Science Department at GUtech, two (2) cybersecurity teams participated from GUtech and left that competition with a stunning 2 trophies, the second and third place. The second place wining team was a mix from CS and CYS majors, as Tariq is a CS student, while Anas, Omama, and Fatin all from CYS. The other team is purely CYS, namely, Hamood, Abdulmalik, Basel, Sundus, and Shrooq. It was very beneficial and interesting to attend and compete. Although we faced some challenges, we are thrilled to participate again next year and land the first place.


2nd place team:

  1. Omama Al Rawahi 20-0203
  2. Anas Al Rawi 20-0009
  3. Tariq Al Harrasi 19-0248
  4. Fatin Al Wardi 19-0377


3rd place team:

  1. Sundus Al Kharusi 19-0596
  2. Shrooq Al Rahbi 19-0221
  3. Abdulmalik Al Kalbani 19-0509
  4. Hamood Al Marhoubi 19-0503
  5. Basel Al Musalhi 19-0398


Obituary for Prof. Janos Urai

The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) mourns the sudden death of its Founding Dean for the Faculty of Sciences and adjunct professor Prof. Dr. Janos Lajos Urai.


With great sadness we mourn the passing of our colleague and friend Professor Janos Urai, who died in a fatal accident while mountain climbing on May 28th, 2023.

He was born on October 16th, 1953, in Budapest, Hungary.


Being a professor at the Geoscience Department of RWTH Aachen University since 1996, Janos Urai has been involved in the establishment of the German University of Technology GUtech in Muscat, Oman since 2004. He developed the Applied Geosciences program at GUtech as Inaugural Dean of the Faculty of Science of GUtech (2006-2012) and as Head of Department of Applied Geosciences and continued to be associated with GUtech as Adjunct Professor since 2013.
“Prof. Dr. Janos Lajos Urai was a world-renowned scientist who advanced structural geology with his pioneering, fundamental and applied research. He combined field work with quantitative experimental and numerical approaches. His topics were cross-scale and ranged from the nano porosity of cap rocks, recrystallization processes, the rheology of salt rocks, the evolution of microstructures in veins, to the large-scale evolution of tectonic faults. His h-index of 64 reflects his strong publication record. Janos’ excellent academic achievements were recognized by the German Geological Society – Geological Association 2022 with the Steinmann Medal. With his death, the geoscientific community and especially structural geology loses a great scientist,” says Prof. Dr. Peter Kukla, Head of the Department of Geo-Resources and Materials Engineering at RWTH Aachen and his colleague since their early years at Shell.


With his death, we lose a truly gifted and popular colleague, a dedicated scientist and teacher, and an always challenging, life-affirming and creative person. His field trips and mapping courses, where he opened up the beauty of geology and the deformation of rocks have shaped many students at GUtech and will remain unforgotten. Prof. Peter Kukla, who himself came to GUtech together with Janos Urai many times, remembers that already in his student days, Janos Urai followed his passion for mountaineering, which lasted until the end. Whether El Capitan in Yosemite Nature Park in California in the 1980s, numerous peaks in the Alps, for example, Dent Blanche in Switzerland or vertical walls on Jebel Misht in Oman in recent years, nothing seemed impossible until the Sunday of Pentecost 2023, when he fell to his premature death near Namur in Belgium.


The German University of Technology in Oman will always cherish the memory of Janos Urai and his love for Oman and will remember his enthusiasm and engagement for GUtech with deep gratitude. Our heartfelt condolences go to his family.

© GUtech, Muscat, Oman 2023