Info session on DAAD Scholarships – Masters in Germany

The DAAD is offering a special scholarship for the MSc Sustainable Management – Water and Energy at RWTH Aachen University to current graduates and alumni from GUtech’s Environmental Engineering programme. If you would like to learn more, please join us the upcoming Info session on DAAD Scholarships for GUtech Graduates and Alumni – Masters in Germany on Monday, 4 May 1pm We will be joined by Thomas Dondorf from RWTH Aachen University, who is coordinating the MSc Sustainable Management – Water and Energy scholarship programme, so get your questions ready.

The Research Team in GUtech’s Faculty of Business and Economics Administers Survey on Acceptance of Virtual Tours During the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Research Team in GUtech’s Faculty of Business and Economics Administers Survey on Acceptance of Virtual Tours During the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID – 19 is affecting all our lives in multiple ways. Supermarkets are running out of toilet paper, pasta and hand sanitizer, small shops have to close, airlines stop operating – the economy all over the world has to face some severe changes!?

Meanwhile we are questioning ourselves: What impact will this crisis have on the Tourism sector!? Our research team is about to answer this question with your very much appreciated help!

The Research Team in GUtech’s Faculty of Business and Economics is asking the public to participate in a survey-based study to understand the acceptance of virtual tours during the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This research is about the use of Virtual Tours during crisis such as COVID-19 and its acceptance by the society (you).

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes.

The survey can be found at this link:

Managing the online study-time at home

The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) has been conducting online classes for all students in the past weeks. Online learning requires a lot of self-motivation from students while on the other hand students seem to be more flexible. Studying and learning within the online environment and at home is entirely different from studying at the university within tight time-frames, social networks and face-to-face interactions with professors and lecturers. While studying online, study plans may be changed or missed out easily. In addition, studying remotely can make it difficult to balance studies, personal and family life. Therefore, it is important to make a plan and schedule the study-time on a daily basis.

GUtech professors and administrative employees advise on how to manage the time and studies and in effective ways. Prof. Dr. Wilfried Bauer, Head of the Department of Applied Geosciences, highlights that a continuous daily learning routine is very important. “I record all classes two hours in advance and make them available exactly at the starting time of a class. My greatest concern is that students will come to the conclusion: ‘Everything is recorded, no problem to catch up later.’ The amount of work will suddenly increase by the end of the current restrictions. Many will find out that there is not sufficient time to catch up.”

Prof. Dr. Osman Barghouth, Head of the Department of Logistics and Tourism said students and professors should communicate continuously. “Students must maintain their enthusiasm during those days and continue their lessons and activities on a daily basis in order to avoid accumulating lessons at the end of the academic year. On the other hand, instructors should find effective ways to communicate with students, track their performances, and engage them in how to organize their online learning. Only through interactive learning that ensures and stimulates student participation and interaction, distance-learning will succeed in achieving its goals.” Dr. Yathrib Ajaj, Senior Chemistry Lecture at the Department of Mathematics and Sciences said that she engages the students. “I train students to be leaders. Currently four students support my teaching and communicate with the other students. Each week I speak to these students and give them the schedule ahead. They then help the other students to understand the course material. I always give them some assignments during the lecture.”

GUtech’s Head of IT Service Department, Jiji Varghese has some general tips for studying at home. These include studying within a healthy environment with a lot of light and fresh air. Regular exercise, social contacts online and regular breaks are also important. “Make your workplace bright, get some sunlight through your windows. Try to get as well some exercise, mediation, yoga or just laugh every day. Make time for chatting and taking breaks, watching positive, funny videos” he said while adding: “Avoid watching too many news about the Corona pandemic.”

GUtech students speak about their study experiences and how they manage their time during social distancing and online classes these days.

Sadiyah Manidhar, an 8th semester student in Process Engineering is currently working on her final thesis. She said: “I recommend to stick to the normal routine, especially with sleep so that I do not have trouble attending or missing out any online classes. What also works for me, is making reminders and a to-do-list for fun and work activities so that there is a balance and I feel engaged and not pressurized to do something. Apart from that, it is important to have a good organization of my studies. I am currently using mind-maps for my thesis. To-do-lists and personal reminders also help me not to rush into my deadlines and not worry about too much stuff,” she said.

Rayyan Al Ajmi, a 3rd year student in Process Engineering said that she has developed a study routine. She usually wakes up early in the morning. “I watch the uploaded lectures and take notes. I have specified each day for a certain course. That day, I try to focus on watching the lectures, solve tutorials and study a little bit of that course. Later on, I do some exercises and then I practice my hobbies like playing piano, cooking and I do some art like painting canvases. Quarantine really made me figure out the things that I can master, without leaving my studies and I somehow consider this as an achievement.”  Rayyan also stays in contact with her friends, while talking to her friends online and discussing assignments and solving them together and sometimes playing online games together, makes my quarantine easier as we cannot see each other, but we are still in contact.”



GUtech Commemorates 7th Anniversary of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Visit

The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) commemorated on Tuesday 24th December the 7th anniversary of the visit of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said to its campus.

The 24th of December marks the private visit of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said to GUtech campus in Halban. The commemoration of the private visit of His Majesty is annually observed by GUtech community. Students and staff remember the day to reflect on the importance of the visit in GUtech’s history and on the vision of His Majesty the Sultan for Oman’s academic and research development.

In the late afternoon of December 24th, 2012, the founders of GUtech and members of the rectorate welcomed his majesty to GUtech campus and its facilities, few weeks only after its opening.

In visiting GUtech campus and meeting the founders and the rectorate, His Majesty confers upon it an unusual distinction. “We welcome His Majesty’s private visit to GUtech campus as a gracious expression of his trust in our university and a vital catalyser enticing us to work harder and faster for further progress” proudly declares Dr Hussain Al Salmi, Deputy Rector for Administration and Finance.

The significant and ever-lasting contributions His Majesty has made to Oman and to the lives of its people are universally known; not less impressive than the wise introduction of far-reaching reforms which has promoted the development of the education system, and the prosperity of the country in general.

As more as 3000 male and female students enrolled in the university in the last 12 years. More than 400 male and female students graduated from it while there are more than 2200 male and female students are currently pursuing their studies.

(c) GUtech/Text: Fatima El Madkouri

Orientation Days

Foundation and Bachelor Students Orientation Programmes

At the start of each academic year, GUtech organises orientation days for new students and those progressing from Foundation to Bachelor Programmes.

Orientation days are organised to give new students insights into student life on campus, from facilities to services. Furthermore, orientation days are an ideal opportunity to meet GUtech faculties, staff, as well as to get to know other students.

Your presence at these orientation days is essential for a smooth transition into university life. Don’t miss it out!

Foundation Year students are split into 2 groups. You will receive a text message on your mobile phone. Did you provide us your correct phone number?

The links to the detailed overview of the orientation programmes for each group and category are provided below:

GUtech students completed a unique SAP Training and Certification

A group of 25 selected GUtech students from different academic departments  were certified in the application of an intelligent business solution, the SAP S/4 HANA recently. The GUtech students passed the internationally recognized exam as SAP Consultant of Associate Level. SAP is a German global leader in digitalization of organizations. The students were trained for the certification during a SAP Bootcamp earlier this year. “I believe that the SAP TS410 certificate will have a substantial role in my career development and I am eager to learn more about SAP,” said Arwa Al Zadjali who is studying Environmental Engineering at GUtech. SAP supports GUtech students in finding their dream jobs within the SAP Ecosystem, thus providing an ecosystem and linking it with the right talents. The goal is that students understand how organizations operate with SAP and how operational processes are digitalized. With its dual study programme, SAP is geared to tackle youth unemployment worldwide. GUtech has been cooperating within the SAP NextGen Chapter, an initiative that was brought to GUtech by Heiderose Moossen, Training Manager of Oman Education Services (OES) in September last year. “We support our graduates in establishing their own companies by nurturing their entrepreneurial mind-set. SAP consultants are trusted advisors for many companies worldwide,” said Heiderose Moossen. According to SAP, 98% of the top 100 most valued brands in the world are SAP customers and approximately 80% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. The software helps employees to realize their competencies and skills and to develop necessary additional skills within a digital environment. “That means for GUtech students, having additional SAP skills, their reliability in getting a fixed employment is very high,” said Heiderose Moossen.

“My major ‘Logistics’ requires a deep understanding of the operational processes and related activities under the umbrella of logistics and supply chain management. Since I have learnt about new, smart technology trends in the market with SAP, I feel prepared to experience and know more about what is happening behind the walls of big logistics and supply chain companies worldwide. Moreover, I intend to achieve more certificates and to become an expert in SAP related logistics topics,” said Tahira Al Balushi, student in the BSc Logistics programme at GUtech.


“I have learned how the various units and departments of a company are interconnected in an efficient and streamlined fashion, giving me a comprehensive overview of the entire modern business process. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity offered to me by Mrs. Heiderose and GUtech, and I look forward to exercising my newfound knowledge and skills in the future,” Smith, who is studying in his final year of the BSc International Business and Service Management at GUtech. In February Michael and his study-colleagues attended a five day boot camp held by an SAP instructor at GUtech. Later on the students had access to a special SAP learning platform for S/4HANA, where more support was offered to them. “We had access to the learning platform for about two months. All of this was made available to us completely free-of-charge. I think great training is as important as great technology. SAP software is designed to deliver transformative business outcomes and to truly realize this potential, explore your options to get fully equipped with the right knowledge and skills,” said Michael. He added that “it was a time and learning intensive experience, but one that I am glad to have invested in. It was extremely fascinating for me to get a kind of introduction into the way international corporations operate on a day to day basis, and to discover what the future of business will look like,” said Michael. He and his colleagues learned functions that employees need within an organization within a so-called ‘Enterprise Requirements Planning Business Suite’.


GUtech team wins Intercollegiate Maths Contest

HALBAN The GUtech Maths Team has won the first prize in the Intercollegiate Maths Contest held at the National University in Muscat yesterday. “We are proud of the students’ achievement and would like to thank everybody who contributed. Special thanks to Mr RK, Dr. Yathrib Ajaj and Mr. Ahmed Al Salmi,” said Prof. Bernhard Heim Dean of the Faculty of Science, who coached the winning team. More than 20 teams applied for the competition and ten teams qualified for the final contest, including teams from Nizwa, Sohar and Muscat. The winning GUtech Maths team consists of students from different academic departments including GUbridge: Shadhan Alrashdi, Loay Al Lawati, Ahmed Abdulla, Fatma El Sheibany, Shifa Al Hussaini.

The main objectives of the competition was to create a unique, competitive platform that promotes interest in Mathematics among students and to seek out and identify highly qualified students in the field of Mathematics. It focused on general knowledge in numerical aptitude, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics. The competition was conducted by the College of Engineering of the National University. “We would like to thank the Head of the Mathematics and Science Department Prof. Syed Mohd Rizwan and the Dean of the College of Engineering, Prof. Ahmed Hassan Al Balushi for their hospitality and the excellent organization of the competition for the youth in Oman. We are looking forward to further joint maths activities at GUtech,” said Prof Bernhard Heim while adding that the Faculty of Science at GUtech conducted a Science Symposium with the Oman Mathematical Society last year which has triggered a lot of interest in the academic community.”



GUtech and Outward Bound Oman are conducting joint Life Skills Courses for Engineering students

HALBAN To enhance the student’s overall life skills, the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) and Outward Bound Oman (OBO) have jointly conducted a theoretical and practical course for twenty GUtech Engineering students. The main aim of the course is to develop to students’ personal and professional skills. ”Life skills courses have become a key parameter to prepare the students for their future work environment while achieving their highest level of performance. The Engineering Department has taken the opportunity to offer this special course to our students. While preparing them for their employment, we believe that such courses are very important in driving our graduates to achieve their goals and to be successful engineers in the future,” said Dr. Najah Al Mhanna, Head of the Engineering Department.

A Collaborative Agreement (CA) was signed between GUtech and OBO in September last year. In the first part of the course, GUtech staff delivered the theory, whilst the OBO team organized the relevant field-based elements outside the university, during an excursion to Wadi Al Abyad. Throughout the seminar, key-life skills such as taking responsibility, active engagement in learning and work, creative thinking and problem solving, innovative thinking, leadership, time management, study attitude towards mistakes, planning, communication and teamwork skills were discussed. “The course helps students to enhance their future employment, as well as to equip them with vital project management skills,” said Ali Al-Humairi, Senior Lecturer in the Computer Science Department and the leading coordinator of the programme. “The main objective of the theoretical course is to provide students with basic employment skills like leadership, teamwork and work ethics,” said Prof. Dr. Ayham Al Rahawi from the Engineering Department who was responsible for the theoretical part.

“We are very glad to have partnered with GUtech and to conduct the first practical part of the course for their outstanding Engineering students. Our carefully designed course helped the students to be ready and willing to make a positive contribution to society, ensures they are exposed to the key life skills sought by leading employers in Oman, and to have a greater appreciation of the natural environment,” said Mark Evans, General Manager of OBO. OBO is a non-profit organisation that operates under the Ministry of Social Development. The company was founded in 2009, and further established by a Ministerial Decision in 2014.

(c) GUtech

The Dean’s List Award Ceremony – 55 students awarded

HALBAN The Dean’s List Award Ceremony was held in the large GUtech amphitheatre to celebrate the achievements of 55 GUtech students and to commemorate the 6th anniversary of His Majesty’s visit to the university. “We only recently introduced the Dean’s List as a way to recognize outstanding academic achievements. The Dean’s List is a very enviable accomplishment that is only given to our top students” said Prof. Dr. Armin Eberlein, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

The criteria for the award were an outstanding academic achievement, the top 10% of the students, a minimum GPA of 3.5, registered for a minimum of 25 credit points, no incomplete or failing grades, no disciplinary written warning letters and an IELTS 6.0 or equivalent. Dr. Armin congratulated the students along with the Head of each academic Department. “You should be proud of the award. You worked hard, attended many lectures, and in addition spent many hours studying on your own or in groups. And it paid off. Your efforts were worth it. However, efforts alone are not sufficient to get on the Dean’s List. You also need to have the intellectual abilities that are needed for this distinction. You need to have the skills to work through complexities, solve problems, find solutions and communicate them well. Today you are being recognized for this combination of your efforts and your skills,” said Dr. Armin. Moreover, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs stressed that the university commemorates the 6th anniversary of the visit of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said to GUtech. On the 24th of December His Majesty honoured the university with a special private visit. “We are proud of His Majesty’s recognition of our achievements. It shows how His Majesty values us as individuals, our university, our educational ethos, and the benefits that we as an institution bring to the country of Oman. Ultimately, it is through you, our students that GUtech contributes to Oman. You get a superb education here at GUtech. In a few years when you join the workforce, you will be the ones who add value to the Omani economy. And this is what makes me proud of being part of GUtech. It allows me to not only educate individuals for the sake of getting a degree, but I can help develop the future leaders of Oman. This is a real privilege,” said Dr. Armin Eberlein. Many GUtech students and friends attended the ceremony. Finally one GUtech student mentioned that this award ceremony serves as a motivational event for other students to study hard in order to be part of the list next year.

(c) GUtech: Text Dr. Manuela Gutberlet; Photo: Fatma Al Balushi

The following GUtech students were awarded for their outstanding achievements:

Majd Al Kayyal
Murooj Mohammed Al Busaidi
Mohammed Salim Al Haddabi
Jawaher Said Al Ghadani
Maram Mudather Mohamed
Maha Surur Al Busaidi
Halayel Ahmed Al Saadi
Aisha Salim Al Balushi
Arwa Saud Al Zadjali
Firdaus Nabil Al Barwani
Reem Said Al Mushikhi
Mohamed Saleh Al Alawi
Shadhan Hamood Al Rashdi
Sara Haroon Al Bartamani
Loay Imad Al Lawati
Husam Yaqoob Al Siyabi
Khamis Hassan
Fatma Fuad El Sheibany
Zoudat Mohamed Al Aufi
Ahmed Juma Abdulla
Khuzama Salim Al Shezawi
Badria Humuod Al Mauly
AL Ghaith Ali Al Ghaithi
Anwar Rashid AL Hajri
Fatema Nour Al Din Al Farsi
Belqees Ali Al Hinaai
Riyan Yahya Al Wahshi
Sara Tariq Al Bulushi
Maisa Mohammed Al Hinai
Lora Awadh Al Alawi
Maryam Abdul Razzaq Al Raisi
Haitham Anwar Al Rawas
Taif Mohamed Al Kindi
Eilaf Khalid Al Busaidi
Marah Khalfan Al Aufi
Abir Talib Al Kharusi
Ghazalah Nabi Baksh Al Balushi
Shurooq Mohammed Al Busaidi
Nama Yousuf Al Bulushi
Manaf Mohamed Al Raisi
Alaa Mohsin Al Ajmi
Fatema Jamal Al Busaidi
Sanad Sulaiman Al Rawahi
Mallak Yousuf Al Senani
Shaima Hilal Al Jahwari
Fatma Mohammed Al Farsi
Noorin Adil Al Busaidi
Fatma Ali Al Barwani
Ammar Abdulhameed Al Kiyumi
Sara Hamood Al Naamani
Melika Naderi
Juhaina Abdullah Al Salmi
Qatr Al Nada Abdul Rahman Al Hinai
Samahram Is’haq Al Hashli
Melina Naderi


GUtech’s Engineering Club: Arrive & Drive Karting Event

On Tuesday 13th November, Dr. Thomas Lattimore, a lecturer of mechanical engineering at GUtech and supervisor of the Engineering Club, visited the Muscat Speedway Karting Circuit with 17 students, mostly from the engineering department, for an Arrive & Drive Karting Event. During the event, 8 of the students along with Dr. Thomas and Mr. Nabi Traore (Junior Intern in the Department), completed a 15 minute race, which was followed by another 15 minute race, with 13 of those students, along with Dr. Thomas and Mr. Nabi. Overall, the students found the event a very good break from their studies, giving them the time to socialize with other students from the engineering faculty, and other departments, and time to have fun doing something related to engineering outside of the classroom. This event was organized by Dr. Thomas Lattimore with the Executive Board of the Club (Chaudhry Taimoor Niaz, Sadiyah Manidhar, Taima Al Hashimi & Shadhan Al Rashdi). A similar event is planned for Tuesday 19th March.