Petroleum Geoscience Students conducted Field-Seminar in Europe

MUSCAT A group of Omani students and their professor of the Department of Petroleum Geoscience at the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech)  conducted a one week field-seminar near the largest onshore oil field in Europe, the Wytch farm oilfield, located on the south coast of the UK. “This is the most famous area in the world for teaching petroleum geology in the field. Our main objective was to explore the main processes that lead to the formation of an oil accumulation and to teach the students the so-called ‘play evaluation’,” said Professor Dr. Wiekert Visser, Head of the Department of Petroleum Geoscience at GUtech. The field work was lead by Professor Wiekert and has been held on an annual basis, as part of the three-year Master’s programme. The Southern coastline of the UK, especially the regions Devon and Dorset are renowned for their teaching possibilities in oil and gas exploration geology.

Such quality of teaching in petroleum geological is very hard in Oman because of the mountain building has distorted many primary rock quality features which are important for petroleum geology. “In the South of the UK the geological structure is very simple compared to Oman,” said Professor Wiekert. Besides GUtech, many oil companies and universities visit the Dorset coast for petroleum geological training. “During the seminar we worked together in small teams, and learnt how we can use observations on source, reservoir and seal rocks and structure in the field to derive the history of the rocks, which then helps to predict the potential for petroleum exploration” said Haifa Al Salmi, Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Petroleum Geoscience. At the end of the week long field excursion, the teams had to present their petroleum exploration concept to a senior explorationist.

Student Award Ceremony

GUtech students were awarded for their campus involvement, community service, and Sports competitions. Ahmed Mohammad Hassan al Yahmadi, Director of private sports in the Ministry of Sports Affairs was the Guest of Honor.

Awards categories  for the Academic Year 2014-2015 are:

Student Council Members, Students winning Sports Competitions , Student Volunteers, International and Local competition Winners, Best and the Brightest, Best Club and Staff Volunteers.

GUtech celebrates International Cultural Night

The International Student Group of the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) organised the first International Night entitled “Unity in Diversity” at the university’s premises in Halban last week. Throughout the evening, GUtech students presented poems in German and Arabic, a fashion show of Bangladeshi dresses was showcased and traditional Sri Lankan dances were shown. “The event shows the commitment and the vision of our university being an international university. We appreciate the work of the International Student Group to unite all nationalities,” said Dr Juergen Werner, Deputy-Rector for Academic Affairs in his speech.

International students and staff attended the event in their traditional attires, making the whole ambience vibrant with rich colours and beautiful dresses. Various food stalls, boutiques, and quiz programmes also kept up the multi-cultural spirit of the evening. “During my initial days at GUtech I was surprised on observing the cultural, linguistic and ideological diversity and richness of students and staff. Cultural events of this kind help create a general feeling of tolerance and appreciation for the unique aspects of various cultures and traditions. Also when various cultures meet, we learn that there are more similarities and fewer differences,” said Shaharin Hassain, President of the International Student Group.

All through the event food stalls offered authentic dishes from Oman, Germany, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Italy, Africa and Iraq and a stand by the US Embassy. There were raffle draws and awards for best dress, best performer and best stall, as well as quiz programmes and prizes. “The event has been organised as a means to showcase the rich cultural diversity of GUtech and also to generate among the students a feeling of appreciation for other cultures, views and lifestyles,” said Ayisha Albright, student affairs executive. “Considering conflicts and a sense of distrust and intolerance increasingly becoming the norm, no effort should be spared to bring together various cultures and viewpoints to facilitate meaningful dialogue and mutual understanding and respect,” she said. A children’s fashion show by the Annanya group from Bangladesh, and the traditional Kandyan dance of Sri Lanka as well as Indian and Bangladeshi dance performances received appreciative applause.

Charity Fun Fair

The Student Council at (GUtech) planned their annual charity event. This year theme was Fun Fair. The event included around 15 local vendors, who displayed their products, and music performances accompanied with Omani songs, local bands, and comedy show which made the event entertaining. The event also included bike show and car show.  A special area was set up for kids’ games including a Bouncy Castle and there was also a raffle draw.

National Day

GUtech staff and students have celebrated the National Day during an evening filled with different events.

The entire amphitheater of the GUtech building was decorated with Omani national flags. The ceremony was opened with the Omani National Anthem and Quranic verses, followed by a welcome speech by the Rector of GUtech, Prof. Dr. Michael Modigell.

GUtech students performed Omani traditional dances and singing performances, in addition to the best car decoration competition, traditional Omani games, and a typical Omani dinner, shuwa, which was prepared on campus and other traditional food and sweets were served as well.

Omani Women’s Day

This event was just another step taken to appreciate and recognise the value of Omani women. Students and staff had the opportunity to participate in varies activities to highlight the importance of women in Oman. The activities throughout the event included the following and Women’s Health seminar, women’s Night Walk and Spa, and local Oman women’s stalls.