CEO of Nama Holding Group visits GUtech

Eng. Omar Al-Wahaibi, CEO of Nama Holding Group, visited the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) with several officials; In response to the invitation of Dr. Hussain Al-Salmi, CEO of the Oman Educational Services Corporation, to review the most prominent developments of the Oman Educational Services academics and research, and discuss its aspirations, future projects, and aspects of cooperation between the two parties.

The visit comes as part of strategic initiatives aimed at creating opportunities for cooperation between higher education institutions and the energy and electricity sector, opening practical horizons that serve the economic sector of the Sultanate, and providing research opportunities to apply academic theoretical knowledge on the ground in a practical way, ensuring the transfer of knowledge in a thoughtful manner, in line with local requirements. For the government sector, in addition to providing opportunities for academic institutions in the governorate and investing these energies to implement them across the Sultanate.

Engineer Omar Al-Wahaibi, CEO of Nama Holding Group, said: “Cooperating with the German University of Technology in Oman as a leading educational institution in the Sultanate opens prospects for growth and progress, and enhances the efficiency of the business that we will cooperate in implementing to ensure the sustainability of projects and ideas, by finding joint research and practical paths. between the two sectors and investing in the specialties that are unique to the university, so that cooperation with GUtech aims to share the theoretical experience of university students with the professional competence to produce projects that serve the market.”

During the meeting, Dr. Hussein Al-Salmi gave a visual presentation; It included the most prominent developments of the university, its specializations, and its achievements; He said: “We affirm our keenness to make this cooperation a success, so that we can direct practical, applied and advisory research activity towards areas that directly serve the government and community sectors, and open horizons for our students and university academics to closely view the needs of finding well-thought-out and usable solutions that are applied on the ground.” Al-Salmi said that one of the university’s priorities is to focus on using and developing alternative energy that works to achieve Oman’s 2040 vision.

The visit concluded with a tour of the Finland Oman School, a close acquaintance with the Finnish system, a tour of the Center for the History of Science, and a close acquaintance with the importance of the center and its role in highlighting the civilizational and Islamic contribution.

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