CEO talk by Dr. Mohammed Al Balushi, Shell Oman Marketing

Dr. Mohammed Mahmood Al Balushi, Chief Executive Officer of Shell Oman Marketing, gave a lecture entitled “Leadership: Driving Progress Through People” at GUtech yesterday. Dr. Mohammed shared his work-experiences with GUtech students from different departments and academic staff members in the university’s research hall. The talk was part of a series of CEO talks for enhancing the university’s relationship with the industry and for providing venues for students to learn about the different industry practices in management and leadership. The talk was followed by an interactive question and answer session. During the talk, Dr. Mohammed shared his people-centred leadership approach, while building-up diverse teams, with a focus on long-term career advancement and planning. He also showcased a number of examples based on more than 27 years of work experience in the banking sector and in the oil and gas industry.

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