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  • N. Sahli, N. Jabeur, M. Badra. Agent-based Framework for Sensor-to-Sensor Personalization. Special Issue for Journal of Computer and System Sciences 81 (2015), pp. 487-495 DOI information: 10.1016/j.jcss.2014.11.005)

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    Campus & Facilities Management
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  • Bruguier, O. & Ballèvre, M. (2014) Relief evolution and erosion of the Variscan belt: detrital geochronology of Palaeozoic sediments from the Mauges Unit. In: Schulmann, K., Martínez Catalán, J

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  • EAGE Art of Science workshop at GUtech: Organizer M. Bernecker in cooperation with the Math and Science Department for AGEO/PGEO and ENG students. Initiated and funded by EAGE

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