The Dean’s List: 153 GUtech students awarded for their academic achievements

HALBAN A total of 153 students were awarded during the Dean’s List ceremony held at GUtech yesterday afternoon. “We introduced the Dean’s List as a way to recognize outstanding academic achievements that you have made in the last year. Congratulations,” said the Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Armin Eberlein while adding that the students are top-class students in their Bachelor of Science study-programmes: Urban Planning Architectural Design, Applied Geosciences, Computer Sciences, Logistics, International Business and Service Management, Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

“You should be proud of this. You worked hard, attended many lectures, and in addition, spent many hours studying on your own or in a group, and it paid off. Your efforts were worth it. However, efforts alone are not sufficient to get on the Dean’s List. You also need to have the intellectual abilities that are needed for this distinction. You need to have the skills to work through complexities, solve problems, find solutions and communicate them well,” said Prof. Armin Eberlein.

Asma Ali Al Hasin, 3rd-semester BSc Applied Geosciences was part of the Dean’s List. “It was difficult, especially during the first semester of my studies. I always have to study many different subjects including life-skills and the German language. We always have to manage our time wisely. Physics and Chemistry were easy for me but all subjects related to Geosciences were more difficult. I have to manage my time wisely and I study in the library after our seminars, usually until 7 pm. I enjoy studying in the library and within the study area. The atmosphere there helps to learn,” said Asma.

To be part of the distinguished group of the Dean’s List, students have to be among the top 10% of the students in the cohort and fulfil several other requirements such as achieving an IELTS 6.0 or equivalent. In his speech, Prof. Dr Armin Eberlein added words of appreciation and thanks to late HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said. GUtech was the only private university that late HM Sultan Qaboos visited in 2012. “We are proud of his recognition of our achievements. It shows how late His Majesty valued us as individuals, our university, our educational ethos and the benefits that we as an institution bring to the Sultanate of Oman. Ultimately, it is through you, our students that GUtech contributes to Oman. You get a superb education at GUtech. But this education is not an end in itself. In a few years, you will join the workforce, you will be the ones who add value to the Omani economy. And this is what makes me proud of being part of GUtech. It allows me to not only to educate individuals for the sake of getting a degree, but I can help develop the future leaders of Oman. This is a real privilege,” said Prof. Armin.

(c) GUtech/ Text: Dr. Manuela Gutberlet; Photo: Umaima Al Zadjali

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