Design Lecture on Urban-Land-Art

Halban A special lecture entitled “Urban-Land-Art” was held by the architect Ercan Agirbas from the University ETH Zurich (Switzerland) at the GUtech’s Department of Urban Planning and Architectural Design last week. “Land arts are like sculptures. The fascination of urban and land art is to realize ideas by using material that is already existing in our environment. I try to learn from artists. In order to feel the soul of a certain space, we need to act and think as architects and as artists,” said the architect who has realized a number of international projects mainly in the city of Gelsenkirchen, Germany and as well in Istanbul, Turkey. He has offices in both countries.

“To realize an architectural project architects need to work between the analysis and the planning. We always try to create a soul of the city. After having an idea you have to work with urban planners and architects to realize the development plan,” said Agirbas. In this context, Agirbas has realized a water design work in a park in Strasbourg, France and bus stops within the public transportation network in the city of Riyadh.

During his lecture the architect showed examples of landscape works by James Turrell, who works with light as well as examples by Mark Boyle and Olafson. Turrell has realized a light tower in the desert of Nevada while Olafson created a waterfall under a bridge in New York. Turrell also created frames or sky windows to lighten up the spaces inside buildings.




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