Director of Doha Office for Gulf States and Yemen, UNESCO Representative to Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen Mr Salah Khaled visited GUtech

On Thursday 19 January, during the visit he followed a presentation about GUtech and OES approach to learning and research. Mr Khaled was impressed with GUtech’s governance structure and identified potential opportunities for collaboration with other start-up universities in Africa. He also discussed with Dr Hussain Al Salmi the role that GUtech 3D printer can potentially play in the reconstruction of areas in Conflict like Yemen.

Mr Salah Khaled also met with Dr Heba Aziz, UNESCO chairholder for world heritage and sustainable tourism management in the Arab States and discussed the plans for the chair and opportunities for collaboration with the UNESCO office for the Gulf States and Yemen. Discussion included exploring ways of enhancing capacity building in Yemen, especially Socotra. UNESCO office in Doha has a mandate of working in the field of education, culture, communication and natural sciences in the GCC countries and Yemen.

Accompanying Mr Salah Khaled was Mr Rasul Samadov Programme Specialist for Culture. During their visit, they toured the campus and the History of Science Center.


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