Environmental Engineering students visit a Desalination Plant

HALBAN To learn more about desalination processes and power generation in Oman, a group of students of the Department of Environmental Engineering and their professor visited the NOMAC/ACWAPOWER  sea water desalination plant in Barka recently. On site the students were introduced to two different chemical processes such as the Multi Stage Flash (MSF) process as a thermal desalination process and the Reverse Osmosis (RO) as a membrane process. Overall, the visit was very fruitful and the group would like to thank NOMAC for receiving them on site.

“Our students were introduced to the main functions of a desalination plant prior to their visit to the site, they received a safety induction session which was delivered by one of the NOMAC staff from the safety and health department. After the induction students were divided into four groups and each group was guided by one of NOMAC engineers to follow for the site visit. The students were excited throughout the visit as it was a great opportunity for them to improve the theory with the practice through an industrial site visit,” said Prof. Dr. Hind Barghash, from the Department of Environmental Engineering at GUtech.

This industrial field-excursion is integrated within the course of Sea Water Desalination which is one of the mandatory courses taught to Environmental Engineering students in the third year of their Bachelor study-programme.

(c) GUtech; Text and Photo: Dr. Manuela Gutberlet and Prof Dr. Hind Barghash



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