Five students from (GUtech) scored third place in Chem-Car Competition

Five students from (GUtech) scored third place in the chemical car competition organized by a group of chemical engineers at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) where a group of chemical engineering students from various universities and colleges in the Sultanate competed.

The main idea of ​​the competition was for students to design miniature models of cars which operate by clean eco-friendly chemicals within certain basis and criteria such as time, distance, safety, and design.

Five students from the Processing Engineering Dept. invented a mini car operates by the combustion of ethanol solution, which generates thermal energy working on heating the device and generating mechanical energy to move the car.

Malak, a third year participating student from GUtech, said that their participation in this contest polished their challenge, innovation and patience to achieve success.

They have chosen this vehicle after working on several different designs during a short period of the contest announcement, and that participating in such competitions designed to motivate students and encourage them to innovative, while the high competitiveness of the contest worked to hone their leadership skills and to highlight the amazing local talents GUtech students have.


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