GUtech celebrated 115 graduates during the 6th Graduation Ceremony

HALBAN The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) has held its 6th Graduation Ceremony on Monday, 10th December. A total of 115 students graduated this year in BSc, BEng and MSc programmes. The majority of the GUtech graduates are female and Omani. 7 students graduated in MSc Petroleum Geosciences, 57 graduated in BEng Engineering, 17 students graduated in BSc Applied Geosciences, 5 students graduated in BSc Computer Sciences and 29 students in BSc Urban Planning and Architectural Design. The ceremony was held in the presence of members of the Majlis Al Dowla and Majlis Al Shura as well as members of the Board of Governors of GUtech and other dignitaries, GUtech staff members and families of the GUtech graduates.

“Tonight a new chapter begins in your life,” said Dr. Armin Eberlein, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at GUtech in his welcome speech. He advised the graduates, to join a company that has similar values as they have, to work in a team, to be problem-solving oriented, to act as a leader, regardless the position, to look for a mentor, to pass on what you have learned and to surround yourself with like-minded people who challenge your thoughts”

“We are proud of our graduates. It is a unique day for you and for GUtech. You have been fighting and you may have been disappointed throughout the past years, but you made it and concluded your studies. You can be proud of yourself,” said the Rector of GUtech, Prof. Dr. Ing Michael Modigell. This year several BSc and MSc graduates have conducted their Bachelor thesis in Engineering, Geosciences and Urban Planning and Architectural Design at partner-universities in Germany, RWTH Aachen and University of Erlangen, or in Italy, at the University of Brescia.

Shamsa Al Brashdi is a graduate in BSc Applied Geosciences. She is now pursuing her MSc studies in Applied Petroleum Geoscience in Edinburgh, Scotland at Heriot Watt University. The study-programme is sponsored by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). “Geoscience was not my first passion. However, the idea of learning your own planet and what it hides in the subsurface attracted me. Starting my first year, I started doubting if this programme was suitable for me or not. I can never forget when one of the professors said this sentence: ‘’Each rock has its own story’’. This sentence made me love what I’m studying, and this day marked the day that I was sure that this is what I wanted to do,” she said. As a BSc thesis Shamsa studied the subsurface of late Paleocene to early Eocene carbonate rocks of Ras Al Hamra- BH1, BH2 and BH4. It is a shallow core analysis of Ras Al Hamra. Shamsa conducted her internship at Petroleum development of Oman (PDO) in the Hydrogeology department.

Lanah Samarrai graduated in BEng Process Engineering: “GUtech has many facilities that encouraged me for studying. They include a comfortable atmosphere in the library, continuous help from the interns from Germany, a flexible schedule for sports activities and an international accreditation of the study-programmes. I faced also challenges like tight deadlines and an intensive timetable. Nevertheless, I am proud of its outcome. I realised that I am now better and stronger than what I thought. I learned how to organise my time carefully, transform the challenges into success, work independently and within teams. In future, I would like to conduct more internships and training programmes and then finish my postgraduate degrees,” she said. Through the international IAESTE internship exchange programme for engineers, Lanah had the unique opportunity to conduct a 3 month internship at the Engineering department of the University of Dresden (Germany) last summer.

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