GUtech collaborates with ETCO to set up a Technology Transfer Office

The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) and the International Emerging Technology Company (ETCO) collaborate to establish GUtech Technology Transfer Office to promote technology transfer and structure GUtech technology transfer capabilities.

The German University of Technology in Oman, represented by Dr Hussain Al Salmi, Acting Rector, and the International Emerging Technology Company (ETCO), represented by Mr Azzan Al Mamari, Acting Chief Executive Officer, have signed a collaborative agreement to avail of ETCO consulting services for setting up GUtech Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in alignment with the University’s vision to set the way for innovation and technology transfer.

The International Emerging Technology Company operates in the advanced technology sector with a focus on attracting innovative projects, providing consulting services, propelling technology transfer locally and internationally. The company puts empowerment of societies at the forefront of its priorities by providing them with the latest advanced technologies to reach the future economy.

Al Salmi, who welcomed members of ETCO, said: “I am glad to kick off the start of the academic year with a strategic partnership leading to the establishment of a TTO at GUtech campus.” He continued: ”Establishing a TTO at GUtech will help cement relationships between key faculty members at GUtech as well as industry partners to bring in funds for research and licenses for innovative ideas.”

Al-Maamari announced that the signing of the agreement establishes a solid partnership ground with the university and the education sector, as it will contribute to opening wider horizons for intellectual property protection policies and will empower the academic sector and its outputs with the latest knowledge and technology.

He added, “We are pleased to cooperate with the German University of Technology through a unique model of a technology transfer office, which will provide the necessary structure to attract local and international private sector partners who are ready to support and finance new ideas.”

The Technology Transfer Office will offer the platform that will encourage the movement of technical skills, the development of industry-sponsored research projects, and consulting arrangements with companies and public entities.” explained  Al Salmi.

Acting as a bridge between GUtech and the industry, the Technology Transfer Office will be led by key international advisors tasked to set out the framework for connecting GUtech researchers with industry partners for novel technologies, and to clearly define key policies in areas of ownership of intellectual property, transfer of rights, and other arrangements of key importance for the formation of spin-offs and the commecialisation of innovative ideas.

The signing ceremony was held in the presence of GUtech members and ETCO chairman, Mr Abdulaziz Jaafar, Mr Humood Al Shukeiry, ETCO programmes director, Dr Christopher Moody and Dr Costas Chryssou ETCO strategic advisors.


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