GUtech welcomed Eng. Saeed Al-Mandhari, CEO of the Omani Group for Communications and Information Technology

GUtech welcomed Eng. Saeed bin Abdullah Al-Mandhari, CEO of the Omani Group for Communications and Information Technology.

This visit comes to strengthen the field of cooperation and partnership, which aims to develop academic capabilities, scientific research, and innovation.

During the visit, Al-Mandhari and a number of company members met with Dr. Hussain bin Suleiman Al-Salmi, Acting reciter of the University.

Al-Salmi gave a visual presentation that included the most prominent developments of the university, its specializations and achievements, in addition to discussing the quality of education in the Sultanate, and looking forward to adopting the projects and inventions of graduate students and linking them to industry and foreign investments.

The visit included a tour of the History of Science Center, and a close acquaintance with the importance of the center and its role in highlighting the civilizational and Islamic contribution, in addition to a tour of the Finnish-Omani school, to know its Finnish education system, its teaching mechanism and how implementing joy in learning and quality of education make the school special.

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