GUtech Welcomes Federal Minister Dr Robert Habeck and Announces Strategic Partnership with Siemens to Drive Sustainability


Muscat, 9th January 2024  The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) proudly hosted Dr Robert Habeck, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action in Germany, and a distinguished delegation, marking a momentous occasion in GUtech’s commitment to sustainability and pioneering innovation.


The visit was accompanied by a welcome speech by Prof. Dr Michael Braun, Rector of GUtech, shedding light on the university’s exceptional journey and its pivotal role as an academic powerhouse and industry collaborator. GUtech’s distinctive success as a “German” university abroad, strategically situated on the Arab peninsula, was emphasized, highlighting its academic excellence and industry relevance.


The notable Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between GUtech and Siemens, announced during Dr. Habeck’s visit, underscores a mutual dedication to driving energy optimization and sustainability within GUtech’s campus. This partnership, inaugurated by Dr Habeck and Omani officials, signifies a joint commitment to fostering environmental stewardship and reducing carbon emissions in Oman’s educational sector.


Honourable Der. Hussain Al Salmi, Deputy Rector of Administration Affairs and Finance at GUtech, and Jamie Hoyzer, CEO of Siemens, signed the MoU, symbolizing a shared commitment to a sustainable future. The collaborative initiative, scheduled for completion in 2024, will harness cutting-edge technologies such as Siemens Demand Flow with cooling towers retrofit and Siemens Navigator. These innovations are anticipated to deliver a remarkable annual energy saving of 36% and a substantial CO2 reduction of 642 metric tons, aligning seamlessly with Oman’s vision of achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

Prof. Dr. Michael Braun expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This project perfectly aligns with GUtech’s commitment to sustainability, offering practical implementations while nurturing our students’ awareness of environmental stewardship. It extends beyond traditional facility management, integrating advanced technologies to enrich operational efficiency and student learning experiences.”


A cornerstone of this collaboration is establishing the GUtech/Siemens student innovation centre, envisioned to provide an immersive learning environment through internships, co-creation programs, and green building dashboards. This initiative aims to empower students with hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, further enriching the educational landscape.


Jamie Hoyzer, CEO of Siemens in Oman, highlighted the project’s comprehensive and innovative nature, emphasizing its strategic alignment with sustainability objectives and educational advancement. He remarked, “This project is a model that expertly combines technological expertise, sustainability goals, and educational empowerment, serving as a testament to our commitment to driving positive change.”


This collaboration builds upon GUtech’s earlier initiative in 2020, when the university inaugurated the first Siemens Mechatronics Laboratory in Oman, reinforcing GUtech’s position as a trailblazer in technological education in the region.

The partnership between GUtech and Siemens signifies a pioneering step toward a sustainable future, uniting academia and industry in a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and educational excellence.


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