IAESTE Internship at GUtech – A Female German Mechanical Engineering student at GUtech

HALBAN To promote exchange and understanding with international students, the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) has been accommodating a number of international interns within their departments each year. Franziska Mittermeier who is doing her MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich in Germany (TU Munich) is one of them. She has conducted an IAESTE internship organized by the (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) at GUtech’s Department of Mechanical Engineering in the past four months. “We are pleased to support international students with technical training experiences at our university. These students are usually very engaged in the everyday operations of the university and support our professors in teaching, projects and workshops” said Prof. Dr. Armin Eberlein, Deputy-Rector for Academic Affairs at GUtech. Throughout her time at GUtech she has played an active role in the Department of Engineering. Reflecting on her experiences she said: “I have met a lot of very nice people here in Oman. I have been mainly involved in project work in all fields of Engineering taught at GUtech. It is great to meet all different students. I enjoy the overall quiet atmosphere on campus. It is very comfortable. I also like the Tuesday events that are held as well as the football tournament and the yoga classes on campus,” she said. Previously, Franziska conducted internships at a Logistics Consultancy and at a Turbine Engine Company in Germany. Initially, IAESTE offered her an internship opportunity in Oman or in China. She opted for Oman and for GUtech.

At GUtech, Franziska has been working with students in the Engineering workshop. For example, she was involved in assisting students with building an hydraulic excavator. “I help the students in the workshop. I initially explain to them the different equipment such as measurement tools, fixtures, the drilling machine, the jigsaw or the grinder. I also supervise the students on the safety standards in the workshop. In the Thermodynamics Laboratory, I have supervised the students on the pressure measurement bench operated by Process and to Environmental Engineering students. I have also supported the supervision of technical drawing exams, and the assignments of mid-term exams.”

“It is very important for us at the Department of Engineering to host international students with a diverse educational background as well as solid basic knowledge as interns to enrich the overall didactic experience,” said Prof Dr. Emmanouil Bouzakis, Internship Coordinator at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. During her free time, Franziska has been conducting tours along with other interns from GUtech. They visited Omani wadis, the Sharquiyah Sands desert as well as Musandam. Franziska likes the landscape in Oman and she would like to come back to explore more of the South of the Sultanate. During her travels and at work, she has been surprised about the kindness of the Omani people. “At GUtech, everybody is very helpful and friendly. During a trip, we had a flat tyre. Immediately an Omani stopped and helped us to get to the next workshop. I think this would not be the case in Germany,” she said. Because of her numerous positive experiences, she would like to come back to Oman and explore the country again as a tourist.

IAESTE is an association of national committees representing academic, industrial and student interests. The Association serves around 4000 students, 3000 employers and 1000 academic institutions each year through career-focused professional internships abroad, social and intercultural reception programmes, international networking and other career and employer branding activities in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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