Ibn Al Haytham Teaching Award 2016 for Prof Bernhard Heim

On the 14th of December 2016 the Rector Prof. Dr-ing. Modigell awarded Prof. Dr. Heim with the 1st ibn Al Haytham teaching award of GUtech’s Faculty of Science.

The German University of Technology went through a series of major changes recently affecting its student numbers and lecture structures. Due to the increase in class size the classic interactive teaching method did not work satisfactory anymore. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Heim took that challenge and in an ideal way he restructured his courses to accommodate the requirements top level teaching faces. This new teaching style become known as Kaizen Teaching and is well documented in two publications.

In his lectures since then he did not only include pedagogic student centric elements (application of Kolb’s learning cycle, cybernetic testing and student activation) but made perfect use of modern electronic devices like the learning platforms video clips, electronic shot tests during lectures and tutorials, and clicker systems, like the Aachen App. These activities soon found their way to the local and international news and were explicitly mentioned in the RWTH Aachen press bulletins.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Heim has to an excellent degree proven his capacity as an academic teacher and multiplier of student targeted best practice teaching techniques in ways every university can be proud of.

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