Learning German is Fun!

HALBAN The German Language Unit of the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) has conducted a special ‘Thanksgiving-Fun-Activity’ in their new ‘German Activity Room’ launched this semester. Thanksgiving is a special event celebrated in the Western world at the end of the harvest season in autumn. To apply new German words and to improve their active vocabulary, students were competing with each other in German word-games. For example, different fruits like cherries, grapes, mangos or watermelon were applied during the game. While preparing a dish together with their lecturer, the students were actively learning about the fruits. “These events will be held monthly at our newly established German activity room,” said Dr. Florina Dauberschmidt.

“I like to learn German. German is one of my favourite subjects and we like our German teachers. Whenever I have time, I open the German textbook and I read German,” said Shamim Al Ismaili, 3rd year student in Process Engineering at GUtech, while adding that she would like to apply for an internship in Germany next year. “The German Language Unit has planned different events in order to motivate the students to learn and practice the German language, to learn more about the German culture and to socialize outside the classroom with each other while applying the German language,” said Dr. Florina Dauberschmidt, German lecturer and coordinator of the German Language Unit. The organizers of this first event were Dr. Florina Dauberschmidt as well as German lecturers Ms. Aliaksandra Bialko, Ms. Rim Abdulla, Anoud Al Badri and Mrs. Claudia Schmidt, Representative of the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD and German lecturer at GUtech.

“At the end of the third semester the students are can opt for passing the A1 exam of the Goethe Institute, which certifies them the first, basic language level. We are very happy that DAAD is supporting our German Unit with a Teaching Assistant this year,” said Mrs. Claudia Schmidt. The DAAD has been supporting the German Unit since the establishment of GUtech in 2007. To learn the basics of the language, GUtech students study German for three semesters.

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