Oman Educational Services And EduCluster Finland Cooperates To Set Up Finland Private School

HALBAN – Oman Educational Services (LLC) is well on its way to establishing itself as an education eco-system with a new target of setting up a ‘Finland Private School’ based on the Finnish education best practices. OES (LLC) is the owner company of the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech), the Convention and Exhibition Centre for Islamic Science & Civilizations and Mahara Research Centre.

OES is partnering with EduCluster Finland (ECF), a pioneer education expert organisation owned by the University of Jyväskylä; the leading university in education research and innovation in Finland. EduCluster has an extensive international experience. It is behind the establishment and the operation of the Qatar – Finland International School.

ECF has achieved a recognisable milestone in GCC, in particular in Qatar, where Finland-Qatar International School is growing after merely one year of operation. This success is attributed to the great reputation of the Finnish education system worldwide. The Finnish education system enjoys high rankings and it is well perceived by policy makers, educators and parents.

“It is promising and exciting to embark on establishing a private school that applies the Finnish education practices here in Oman. This is a milestone, not a destination. Educational cooperation between OES and ECF will go beyond to spread knowledge among educators and teachers in Oman” said Dr. Hussain Al Salmi – Chief Executive Officer, OES.

The Finnish education practices prepare learners for life. Teachers are empowered to help out all kids. This is very important, no kids should be left behind. Teachers deploy necessary efforts to level up kids to the mainstream levels.

OES and ECF has set September 2018 as a target date to open up the door for the first intake of pupils into Finland International School in Oman. This timeframe is reasonably shared and considerable plans are shaping up to ensure a smooth process of setting up the school campus in Halban.

OES and ECF representatives inked an agreement that paves the ground for the first school in Oman offering pre-school, primary and secondary education on the basis of the Finnish education practices.

“We believe OES is our ideal partner. We have witnessed the success of GUtech, and we are assured OES will bring the same level of quality and commitment to this project” reiterated Mr Jyrki Saarivaara, Chief Executive Officer, ECF.

EduCluster Finland is a pioneer organization hailing from Finland. Educluster offers educational services modelled on the Finnish education system and customised to reflect local cultural settings of different countries.

Meanwhile, “the partnership between OES and ECF creates the right synergy as both are related to higher education institutions, respectively, GUtech and University of Jyväskylä” emphasized Mr Ahmed Al Salmi – General Manager, OES.

“The partnership is a valuable move to enrich the education sector in Oman because it allows parents and decision makers to witness the Finnish education practices at proximity” commented Mr Jyrki Saarivaara, Chief Executive Officer, ECF.

“As a unique learning platform, the school would provide students with a world-class education though individualised learning paths. Additionally, the school would create opportunities for all educators and other stakeholders to maximize the positive effect of professional development, and to serve the surrounding community as a knowledge and innovation centre.” envisaged Ms. Elise Tarvainen, Director of Global Partnerships, EduCluster.

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