Oman team impresses at Arab University futsal

BARKA: In the first Arab University Competition for Female Futsal (5-aside indoor football), four GUtech students joined the Oman University national team.
The competition was held in Amman, Jordan, from November 23 to 30. The team consisted of 12 students including GUtech (four students), Sohar University (4 students), Majan College (3 students) and Caledonian College (1 student). The participating countries were Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, UAE and Oman.
The Omani female students’ team won the important match against UAE with 1-0 thanks to the winner scored by GUtech striker, Basma al Rashdi, strongest player of the Oman national team.
The other GUtech team members are Hanan al Habsi, Zuwaina al Zakwani and Jokha al Zakwani.
The team finished fifth in the competition.
National team coach Haroon al Bartamani led the team training and conducted training sessions at GUtech, Bausher complex and even “open air” at the beach.
“I gained a lot of knowledge from the preparation with coach Haroon. The trip to Jordan was amazing and a lifetime experience, which motivates a lot to continue with futsal, because we hope more will come in Oman for the girls” said Basma al Rashdi, GUtech striker.
Hanan al Habsi, Oman goalkeeper, said: “I wish that women’s university sports receives more attention on a national level with more tournament opportunities to develop our skills. We have weekly training at GUtech, but few opportunities to take part in national level competitions.”
“Our Omani team had only two weeks of intensive preparation, due to some administrative problems. To compete with such high level female futsal teams in Jordan that was definitively too short.”
“Nevertheless, I was very proud and happy to witness how strong the students of different colleges in Oman created a professional team spirit in this short time,” said Gunhild Pfaff, assistant coach of the National Futsal Team and sports officer at GUtech.
“Even all students had to deal with midterm exams, assignments, quizzes, during the preparation time, they were all organised and terminated to manage both with success. With more preparation ahead, we could have performed much better on the pitch,” Gunhild Pfaff added.
An ‘open’ female futsal competition is planned for the first weekend of January 2016 at the Bausher Complex.

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