The OmaniExpo showcased innovative student research projects conducted abroad

HALBAN The OmaniExpo showcasing research projects in Engineering, Economics, Health and Environment as well as in Natural Sciences and in Mathematics was held at the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) yesterday evening. All research projects were conducted by Omani students who are studying abroad. The one day exhibition included a large number of research posters and a competition for the best three research projects. The initiative was organized by the Computer Science Club of GUtech and the Blockchain Club in Oman. The exhibition was held at Sultan Qaboos University in 2016.

Al Munther Al Musalhi is one of the founding members of the exhibition and a committee member of the OmaniExpo 2018. Al Munther studied Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University. “Through this event we wish to promote the Omani youth, while connecting the students and their innovative ideas with the Omani community,” he said. The exhibition showcased 12 engineering projects, 7 projects on health and environment, 7 projects on Maths and Sciences and two projects on economics. “Our criteria for the competition are the benefits of the research for the community in Oman and the novelty of the student research project,” said Al Munther. His fellow committee members of the OmaniExpo 2018 are Mazin Al Fanna, Ahmed Al Manji, Hassan Al Balushi, Said Al Jabri, Yusra Al Sawaii and Al-Khatab Al Busaidi.

“I am delighted to speak to many Omani students studying abroad who are showcasing their research during this special exhibition. I think the event will encourage students at school to excel in their studies and to register at a university of their choice in order to pursue their dreams. The group of alumnis from Oregon State University has worked more than one year on organizing this event. We are very grateful for GUtech’s support in hosting this exhibition,” said Dr. Talal Mohammed Al-Balushi, Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Washington (USA) during the exhibition.

Zumurda Ahmed Al Rawahi studied Material Science and Engineering at the University of Washington (USA). She presented her BSc research on a new material used in the production of biomedical implants. She hopes to promote the manufacturing of these implants here in Oman. She is currently working on publishing her findings along with her professors in an American biomedical journal.

Zalikha Al-Marzouqi is a PhD student at the University of Manchester (UK). In her research in health sciences she focuses on the perception of Omani women on breastfeeding and the support they get from the society at large. “The aim was to gain an in-depth understanding of exclusive breastfeeding of Omani women and to enhance our understanding of the reality of breastfeeding from the perspective of their family members and health care professionals in Oman,” explained Zalikha. For her research she conducted 61 interviews and 15 clinical observations in the past years. According to the World Health Organization is breastfeeding is an important factor in promoting a child’s health and it should be done for around two years. “Most women adapt themselves to the society. According to my study the majority of the Omani women stopped breastfeeding their babies already after 4 months,” she said.

The organizing committee of the OmaniExpo 2018 is planning to launch more such events in future.

© GUtech/ Text and Photo: Dr. Manuela Gutberlet
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