“Reconnect through Sports” – Bandminton Tournament held at GUtech

HALBAN Under the motto “Reconnect through sports” the Tuesday Champs series continued yesterday with their second doubles tournament in Badminton at GUtech. In an effort to build bonds between the students and the university the second monthly sport competition was held at the GUtech sports hall. “This extracurricular activity is thought to promote involvement on campus and to give a platform for interaction between GUtech students and staff. Due to a random drawing, the players came to the sports hall not knowing who their partner will be. It led to a thrilling tournament but also to meeting new people and engaging the interaction between students and staff,“ said Gunhild Pfaff, Manager of the sports office at GUtech.

Several badminton players were fighting until the last and even bringing out some great attacks. Finally  Taahirah Khaleque and Markus Gelfgren walked away as the winners of the tournament, followed closely by Geetanjali Sambangi and Ferdinand Marcelo in second place. Showing strong strategic tactics, Tim Reisdorf and Markus Graminsky took 3rd place. Due to the support and generosity of our sponsor Supa Sportsman LLC, those three teams received high value Badminton rackets to further their love to the sport. With over 22 players and a total of 20 games, this successful tournament was sponsored by Supa Sportsman LLC. “It led to a fun and engaging afternoon and attracted during the competition many visitors. Especially the final was a great taste of the whole tournament as it was thrilling and nerve racking to the same time,” said Maia Kuhnen, who is currently supporting the sports office as an intern and is leading various sports activities throughout the week.

“We would like to thank everyone who came out to watch and especially those that came out to participate and showed inspirational sport spirit. We look forward to doing the next Tuesday Champs session on Tuesday, 13 December with the Basketball and Football tournaments,” said Gunhild Pfaff.

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