Registration is now open

BARKA The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) has opened its registration for the winter semester 2017/18. “Students who applied via the Ministry of Higher Education portal were registered with us between 10-16 August. International students can still register until 30 August at the university’s premises in Halban, Department of Registration. The applicants need to fill out the application form that can be found on the university’s website,” said Salim Al Araimi, Head of Registration at GUtech.

GUtech offers a Foundation Year and full-time programmes in BEng in Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. BSc in Computer Science, Urban Planning and Architectural Design, International Business and Service Management and Logistics. All programmes are taught in English. The university is also planning to introduce MSc and PhD programmes soon. During the summer semester 2017 around 1,600 students were studying at GUtech, the majority of them were Omanis.

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