Funded Research Projects

Project TitleFunding AgencyDepartmentPrincipal and co-Principal InvestigatorsDuration/Year
Towards a flood-resilient Omani society: improved tools for flood managementTRCAGEO – LTSM – CSAssoc. Prof. Adrijana Car, Assit. Prof. Ekkehard Holzbecher, Assoc. Prof. nabil Sahli2015 – 2018
The syn-obduction sedimentary deposits of the Muti Fm-O : NLAP (Obduction: no longer a puzzle?) ANRAGEOAssist. Prof. Celine Ducassou, Assoc. Prof. Cecile Robin 2011 – 2014
Borcherds Lifts, Symmetries and the Andre-Oort ConjectureMax Planck Society Mathematics and ScienceProf. Dr. Bernhard Heim, Prof. Dr. Murase, Dr. Kaiser July-August 2013
NORM in Petroleum Winning, Oman – Phase IPDOAGEOProf. Dr. Wiekert VisserJun 2012 – Sep 2012
Pilot study of the nanoscale morphology of porosity in tight gas reservoirs of the Khulud fieldPDOENGProf. Dr. J. Urai, Prof. Dr. Wiekert Visser, Prof. Dr. P. KulkaFeb 2012 – Jun 2012
The Oman Eco-Friendly House Competition – Phase IThe Research CouncilUPADAssoc. Prof. Nikolaus Knebel, Assoc. Prof. Martin Werminghausen, Assist. Prof. Aurel von RichthofenOct 2011 – May 2012
Towards Sustainable Settlement Patterns in OmanThe Research CouncilUPADProf. Dr. Sonja NebelMar 2010 – Apr 2013
Short- and long-term environmental changes along the coastline of Oman (Arabian Peninsula)The Research CouncilAGEOAssoc. Prof. Dr. Goesta Hoffmann, Assist. Prof. Dr. A. ZackeJun 2011- Jun 2014
Understanding Stringer Deformation and Movement of Ara Stringers enclosed in Ara SaltPDOAGEOProf. Dr. Janos UraiJun 2008-Sep 2011
Understanding Reservoir Quality Distribution in the Ara Stringers: Diagenetic Relationship in Space and TimePDOAGEOProf. Dr. Janos Urai, Prof. Dr. P. KuklaJun 2008-Sep 2011

Other Areas of Research

Research TopicDepartmentName of ResearcherIn collaboration withYear
Age and origin of the topographies in the Variscan Belt – Sedimentology, Structural analysis and Provenance study.AGEOAssist. Prof. Celine DucassouBallevre, M., Dabard, M.-P., Lardeux, H., Poujol, M., Robin, C., Ruffet, G.Since 2009
Soft-sediment deformation of Late Pleistocene sediments along the south-western coast of the Baltic SeaAGEOAssoc. Prof. Dr. Goesta HoffmanK. Reicherter2011
Evidence for Halocen tsunami-impact along the shoreline of OmanAGEOAssoc. Prof. Dr. Goesta Hoffman Reicherter, K., Wiatr, T., Gruetzner, C2011
Assessment of direct aqueous in situ carbonation procedures in ophiolithic detritusAGEOAssoc. Prof. Dr. Goesta HoffmanMeyer, F.M., Sindern, S., Schardt, Chr., Urai, J., Gutberlet, M., Den Brok, B., and others2011
Distribution of Paleogene Corals on the Arabian ShelfAGEOAssoc. Prof. Dr. Michaela Bernecker2011
The Permian-Triassic transition in the Oman MountainsAGEOAssoc. Prof. Dr. Michaela BerneckerBaud, A.2010
Groundwater management in arid regions: challenges and starting points for future researchAGEOAssist. Prof. Dr. Edda Kalbus2011
A characterization of the Maass space on O (2, m+2) by symmetriesM&SAssoc. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Heim2011
On the Igusa function, Conference on Automorphic forms, trace formulas and zeta functionsM&SAssoc. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Heim2011
Infinite products – Conference in memory of Prof. UedaM&SAssoc. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Heim2011
The Art of Scaffolding Reading and WritingPRUDr. Peter Waters2011
A well in a `target` stratum of a two-layered formation: the Muskat-riesenkampf solution revisitedPRUDr. Rouzalia KasimovaObnosov Yu. V., Kacimov A.R.2011
Heat conduction in a solid substrate with a spatially-variable solar radiation inputPRUDr. Rouzalia KasimovaObnosov Yu.V.2011
An adaptive bandwidth borrowing-based call admission control scheme for multi-class service wireless cellular networksPRUMs. Sharifa Al Khanjari2011
Living together? A case study on the inter-relationship between international hotel corporations and local communities in the Greater Muscat areaSTRDProf. Dr. Heba AzizDr. Marike Bontenbal2010
Municipal partnerships for local development in the Global South? Understanding connections and context from a trans-local perspectiveSTRDAssist. Prof. Dr. Marike BontenbalP. van Lindert2011
Population, migration and urbanization in OmanSTRDAssist. Prof. Dr. Marike Bontenbal2011
Mechanisms of urban sprawl in Muscat Capital area – Case studyUPADAssist. Prof. Aurel von Richthofen2011
Sustainability as branding strategy for urban developmentUPADAssist. Prof. Aurel von Richthofen2011