Student Social Clubs has the Mission to promote a sense of teamwork and leadership in all students. It enhances the University experience of the student by providing opportunities to express leadership skills and participate in events on and off campus.

Student Clubs and Associations are creative way for students to build on social, educational and management skills. Participation in recognized student clubs provide students a chance to network, represent GUtech and get involved in activities and events both on & off campus.

The Student Clubs and Event Guidebook is put together in order to support club members and supervisors to lead a successful organization. It contains guidelines concerned with functions of clubs and associations.

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Social Clubs
Academic Clubs
Rules and Guidelines
  1. All clubs must function complying with GUtech Vision, Mission and Values.
  2. All clubs must be registered with the SA to ensure that they have the right to conduct activities and events.
  3. Beware that club participation and events will not unpleasantly affect the academic achievement of the members.
  4. All activities and events must be approved by the SA prior to the event by 2 weeks.
  5. Must have at least ten student members to start a club.
  6. Clubs that attempt to organize and operate on campus without official recognition of the SA will be subject to dismissal.
  7. Accept responsibility for the behavior of the members including the on/off campus activities under GUtech.
  8. When a club or a member is charged with a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the president or individual member of the group shall be required to participate in procedures conducted by the Student Affairs as representatives of the group.
  9. Club organization is responsible for any misbehavior of guests or presenters attending club activity
  10. Any Ability to book campus space is subject to approval by the SA event approval process and the event calendar
  11. All activities and event held must be in accordance with university policies
  12. Club that is inactive for one year should repeat the club recognition process.

Carrying out events and activities which are in-line with GUtech Vision, Mission and Values is the aim of Student Affairs.  Student Affairs staff will follow up with any policy violations that occur during club/organization events and, depending on the severity of the incident, Student Affairs may also forward the case to the Disciplinary Committee for review and possible University sanctions.


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