‘Solar Decathlon Middle East’ – International ‘Sustainable Architecture Workshop’ held in Dubai and in Oman

HALBAN A group of international architecture students recently visited GUtech and conducted an excursion to the old district of Nizwa. Following their visit to GUtech the students participated in an international student workshop within the Solar Decathlon Middle East competition held at Zayed University in Dubai. The sustainability of contemporary architecture projects including the building performance and quality control were leading themes of the workshop.

A total of 53 international students from Germany (University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt), Dubai (Zayed University) and GUtech participated in the workshop. The workshop was led by Assoc. Prof. Alexander Kader (GUtech), Prof. Thorsten Lomker (Zayed University) and Prof. Sven Steinbach (Erfurt University of Applied Sciences). Thirteen students from the Department of Urban Planning and Architectural Design (UPAD) at GUtech worked along with 20 students from the Department of Interior Design from Zayed University and 25 students from the Departments of Architecture, Engineering and Building Technology of the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt.

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