Students receive German language certificates

HALBAN A group of eleven GUtech students has successfully passed the German language certificate, Language Exam A1 of the Goethe Institut, the German Language and Culture Centre. “The certificate is the first internationally recognized German language certificate that has been issued by the Goethe Institut,” said Myriam Steinbock, German lecturer at GUtech.

Studying German is part of the curricula at GUtech; students study the language for three semesters. However, the language of tuition at GUtech is English.

The 90 minutes exam evaluates the speaking, writing and listening skills of students. Some students had the chance to already practice their language skills in Germany. Although English is widely used in international companies and at universities, it is an asset to speak and communicate in German on a daily basis. GUtech fosters exchange between Germany and Oman, especially through its German partner-university RWTH Aachen University. Each year a number of GUtech students from various departments participate in language courses, laboratory courses or field-excursions to Germany.

German is one of the most important languages worldwide and the most spoken language within the European Union. Around 103,5 million people are German-native speakers in Europe; German is the official language in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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