Technology Transfer Office

Technology transfer is defined as a systematic procedure that is followed in order to pass documented knowledge or experience gained during development & commercialization to an appropriate, responsible and authorized party. “In other words, bridging between government, industry & academia. Moreover, the experts that are present in Gutech’s TTO gladly share their accumulated experience in building and transforming given ideas through Gutech’s students and academic staff into feasible projects. This process is called the innovation process gap.

About AWJ Innovation

AWJ Innovation – The Sustainable Technologies and Innovation Development (STID) company – creates and delivers programmes and projects to strengthen the talent base of young Omanis and to create new businesses & business opportunities. As an Endowment and Philanthropic company, we identify opportunities and fill gaps in the innovation underpinning of the Sultanate. We believe that by driving new, disruptive technologies, our clients and Sultanate will benefit and grow with these changes, creating new jobs and wealth. Our key strengths are in disruptive technology exploitation, emerging markets, entrepreneurship, innovative social responsibility management, intellectual property management, technology transfer and commercialization, innovation consulting and support for developing and delivering technical research and consulting services. AWJ Innovation (AWJ) is a registered brand of STID company. For each project, we establish select partnerships to ensure we always work with the right people – and only the right people – for the job.

The core team at AWJ has worked together for 10 years, first at Oxford University Innovation and then in the Science, Knowledge and Technology team in the Oman Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The Innovation Process

The Innovation Process

  • One of the prevailing values of the TTO is the knowledge & expertise that the office has. This is as a result of our advisors long experience in dealing with a variety of businesses, they have a much broader and deeper knowledge of business trends, industry challenges, and new technologies and processes.
  • Moreover, the university gets connected with our broad network globally and locally. Connecting the academic institutes from Oman and abroad with industry and academia locally and worldwide.
  • We support the university in providing ecological system needed to research and incubate innovative student and research ideas into realistic projects.

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