International Student Testimonials

Mohammed Rangwala

GUtech has given me the engineering knowledge and experiences to grow and shape my future. The engineering programme has made me think outside the box and ask questions rather than accepting facts. GUtech is the best experience I have had till now!”

Mohammed Rangwala India
Haseena Bibi Zulfiqar

German University of Technology in Oman – I’ve always had high expectations just from hearing the name. And to me, GUtech met them all. GUtech provides the best quality in all the faculties. I hope you can also get the chance to study in GUtech. You Won’t Regret!”

Haseena Bibi ZulfiqarPakistan

For me, GUtech is my comfort zone in Oman. Having been accepted to GUtech was the reason I changed my plans for studying in Tunisia and moved back to Oman. This is only my first year here but I am really enjoying studying at GUtech where you can meet international people without having to travel the world.

Mariam Lagha Tunesia
Kownain Shahzad

“Studying at GUtech is often difficult and challenging. But that is how you can be sure they help you become the best you and prepare you for life after graduation.”

Kownain ShahzadPakistan
Chaudhry Taimoor Niaz

“It is said that you should follow your dreams; RWTH Aachen University is renowned as one of the best universities for Mechanical Engineering and its affiliation with GUtech accommodates me with education of the highest level, which is a dream come true.”

Chaudhry Taimoor NiazPakistan
Melina Naderi

“GUtech is our second home, it is where we are trained to build ourselves with great motivation towards success”

Melina Naderi Iran
Fatma Al Maawali

“I love the environment GUtech creates for the students to make the learning process fun, like a barbeque to practice German or Tuesday events to bring students together.”

Fatma Al MaawaliTanzania
Islam Al Hadidi

“It is hard to find good education, but what’s harder is to find an educational institute that can truly harness your full potential, and that is what I found in GUtech.”

Islam Al HadidiEgypt
Adam Idris

“Having studied in the UK prior to commencing my studies at the GUtech, the past 4 years at this university have been incredibly tough and have tested my work-ethic, organisation and perseverance immensely. However, the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout this experience have been priceless. I am due to graduate this year, but I will always remember my time at this university as being a life-reforming journey, through which I have strengthened my abilities in all facets.”

Adam IdrisUnited Kingdom
Abdurrahman Abdu

“Being at GUtech has changed my life in many ways. In a period of 5 years, I believe I have changed as an individual for the better in ways I have never expected. Everything from the education to the culture has contributed  into a well-lived experience for me as foreigner which was completely unexpected. In all, GUtech is a fun experience for anyone who is committed.”

Abdurrahman AbduNigeria
Shifa Majeed

“Apart from the lessons and skills, GUtech has most importantly taught me to dream big.”

Shifa Majeed India
Zainab Chaudhry

“By giving me the chance to travel around different cities, GUtech has given me a set of tools to shape my vision for planning and designing. ”

Zainab Chaudhry Pakistan
Mahmud ur Rahman

I am very glad and find myself very lucky that Gutech happened to me. Studying in Gutech was one of my dream come true. It was the time when i was back in high school and i saw my sister coming back home from Gutech and working in her architectural projects that gained my interest in the field of architecture. The quality of educational system,professionalism and the friendly atmosphere that Gutech offers and maintains is the incomparable excellence which makes it the best university of Oman. Gutech has taught me how to realize my capabilities and push my boundaries during different stages of my life and most significantly it trained me how to manage my time and schedule my day which is an essential for a better life.  I have made a new family here which include all my class mates and my best professors.
Gutech will be a memorable and indelible experience and the best chapter of my life.

Mahmud ur RahmanBangladesh

“It has barely been eight months since I joined GUtech, and I have already learned to play with machines, am currently building a robot, and further plan to save the world! [adjusts cape]”

Mim KabirBangladesh