To achieve exceptional working environment , GUtech holds a Staff Day Out for its employees

German University of Technology in Oman held a Staff Day Out for its employees in Nakhal Fort which is one of the most prominent monuments in the province of South Batinah.

This event is held annually by University to achieve an outstanding working environment for its staff in various departments, the event included a variety of activities in addition to a treasure hunt contest in which the employees were involved, which created an atmosphere of fun and interaction among the staff and achieved the goal of holding such events. The contest was organized by Sports Department of the University. The winning team has earned airline tickets to Europe presented by Swiss Air, the sponsor of the event. The competition also aimed at introducing the employees to the various tourist places in the province of Nakhal through the process of hunting for the treasure.

At the end of the day, the Rector of the University distributed prizes to the winners and the teams participating in the competition, in addition to honoring a number of employees.

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