“Training on the job. An apprenticeship is the key to solve youth unemployment”

An Apprenticeship Training System for the Construction Sector

HALBAN Apprenticeships have a long tradition in Europe, where they are well-established for more than 800 hundred years. The introduction of apprenticeships in Oman, especially in the construction sector could help solving youth unemployment.

“Training on the job is the key to solve youth unemployment in Oman,” said Mrs Heiderose Moossen, Manager Vocational Training at GUtech during a presentation on ‘Apprenticeship Training System for the Construction Sector’ held during the 9th Infra Oman – Oman’s biggest and only exhibition related to Construction & Infrastructure, held at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre last week. “With more than 91% foreign labor, the construction sector is the biggest employer for foreigners in Oman, at the same time generating high levels of energy consumption and resources due to the low level workmanship, outdated installations and technologies, that do not promote energy saving. 50% of the energy production is consumed by private households in Oman. Therefore implementing alternative energy technologies is one side of the medal, but reducing energy consumption is the other side, which is needed to complement the efforts of the Omani government to control energy,” said Heiderose Moossen.

Here apprenticeships could support the local economy in the long run. “The duration of an apprenticeship is usually three years. The requirement is a secondary diploma and apprentices are selected by the companies. Throughout the three years, youngsters are trained on their jobs. In Europe, for example masons or steel reinforcement technicians are among the 10 highest paid jobs. Their training on the job exists for more than 800 years all over Europe,” said Heiderose Moossen while adding: “A job is the best social security for society and for the economy at large. From a young age onwards, children grow into their social responsibilities by watching and learning from the elders, becoming the lead drivers, role-models and supporters of tomorrow and future generations. During an apprenticeship program a young person learns to work autonomously, while getting three years of professional experience after their apprenticeship and qualify for the highest level of vocation training worldwide, level 5. Then they know their work, no doubt,” she said.

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