A workshop entitled “Climate change and sustainable development goals in Oman in cooperation between GUtech and German Brandenburg University

The DAAD-funded project “Oman Rosin” is a joint activity between Engineering Department at German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) and Department Public Law in particular Environmental and Planning Law at Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU)  Cottbus -Senftenberg, Germany on climate change and sustainable development.

BTU and GUtech are working on a project in Oman, with the aim of establishing a “Green Village” in the Star-light Reserve within the Al Khitaym locality”

Prof. Albrecht (BTU) pointed out that climate change is already one of the biggest challenges in these days and requires fast action on phasing out fossil fuels and transformation of the economy in sustainable use of resources and energy. Also, Adaption to the changing climatic conditions is necessary. And this was the central objective at the current workshop, including the involvement of rural communities in the Djebel Shams in terms of the “Green Village” initiative.

The climate change and sustainable developments are among the main challenges of the 21st century. There is an urgent need to realize how the activities within communities can sustainably be adapted to meet the environmental standards. This workshop is part of the approved DAAD programme that we are running in collaboration with our partner BTU Cottbus -Senftenberg, Germany”., said Dr. Eng. Najah Al Mhanna , the project manager at Engineering Department at GUtech

Prof Ibrahim (BTU) explained at a stakeholder meeting, involving the Sheiks of the villages as well as the head of the communities’ administration and representatives from the local tourism sector the idea of sustainable and climate resilient village development. This initiative GUtech and BTU was very welcomed and led to the agreement to a detailed public participation process, carried out by GUtech and BTU students. The results will help to continue working on this project.

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