Workshop: Tourism & Green Economy – June 14th at GUtech

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The Department of Logistics, Tourism and Service Management, with the support of The Research Council and the Ministry of Tourism organizes tomorrow June 14, 2016 at 5 PM at GUtech Campus  a workshop on Tourism and the Green Economy: “an integrated approach to sustainable tourism development in Oman” to present the preliminary outcomes of the scoping study carried out by a team of researchers from GUtech headed by Prof. Dr. Heba Aziz acting dean of the faculty of Business and Economics and head of department.  This scoping study aims to identify the regulatory framework, the policies and incentives that aim to support the implementation of the sustainable tourism development in Oman in an integrated approach.  The researchers reviewed policies, laws, regulations, incentives and challenges that govern the implementation of sustainable principles in over 17 governmental and semi-governmental organisations via comprehensive stakeholders and opinion leaders’ consultations, including but not limited to Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Affairs, Ministry of Municipality and Water Resources, the Supreme Council for Planning, Ministry of Manpower and other authorities of relevance to the issue of sustainability in the tourism sector for example the Public Authority for Electricity and Water, Public Authority for Handicrafts Industries,  Reyada, Rafd Fund, Oman Development Bank, Information Technology Authority, Capital Market Authority, Oman Centre for Governance and Sustainability, Haya Waters and Be’eah.   The project focused on specific indicators that are relevant to three pillars of sustainability: water and energy consumption, waste management, employment of the local community and encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives. The goal of the project is to conduct a critical assessment of the existing environment enabling the implementation of sustainability in the tourism sector. The Importance of the tourism sector is its ability to deliver on many of the Global development Goals MDGs and the role of the National Committee of the Global MDG housed by the Supreme Council of Planning. The paradigm of integration is crucial for the study of sustainable tourism. In this study this paradigm will concern integration across the three pillars of sustainability namely, environment, economy and socio-cultural domain.  Integration will be approached from a destination perspective looking at how all components addressed above can be managed in a way that creates a sustainable destination where all environmental resources are managed carefully, where the community is involved and benefiting economically and where the culture is communicated responsibly to the tourists.

This project comes within the wider framework of adapting towards sustainable development and other projects like sustainable waste management, sustainable mountain management, and human resource management. The project also complements the TRC Eco-house project which can be a model for future sustainable tourism development projects.   The research project comes timely to provide an implementation framework for the Oman National Tourism Strategy 2040 where sustainability is one of its main axes. 

The research team:

Prof. Dr Heba Aziz: Research Project Leader, Professor of Sustainable Tourism, Head Department of Logistics, Tourism and Services Management, German University of Technology Oman.

Dr. Corien Hoek, deputy project leader

Ms Amjaad Al Hinai, MSc, Researcher:

Ms Magdalena Mustapic, MSc, Assistant Researcher:

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