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Prof. Ercan Ağırbaş
Dean of the Faculty

Urban Planning and Architecture

German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech)

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The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) out of its scientific and social responsibility, established the National Center for Construction Standards and Technologies, with the aim of raising the innovative and competitive capabilities of the construction and contracting sector in the Sultanate in order to achieve and raise productivity rates and raise employment rates, and make the construction sector a developed sector attractive to Omani youth and capable of innovating in it and exporting its services to the regional region.


To build innovative and competitive capabilities in the field of construction and engineering by developing scientific standards, regulations, and new technologies that will enhance the economic growth of the Sultanate, create job opportunities, and improve the standard of living for the community.


To be a leading center in the Middle East region in developing sustainable standards, technologies, and mechanisms that are appropriate for the region’s environment.

Main Activities of the Center
  • Scientific and industrial research in the field of construction and engineering.
  • Development of innovation and industrial applications.
  • Academic programs for undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Specialized professional training courses.
  • Conferences, workshops, and discussion panels.
  • Regulation of standards, specifications, and approvals.
  • Licensing.
Areas of Interest of the Center
  • Building materials.
  • Construction technologies.
  • Building mechanisms and models.
  • Information, statistics, and economic studies.​
  • Laws, procedures, and policies.
  • Standards and specifications.​
  • Construction economics and specialized revenues.​
  • The supporting industrial system.
  • Environmental and sustainability studies.​
  • Engineering and materials science.​
  • Construction and civil engineering.​
  • Urban planning.​
  • Civil engineering.​
  • Mechanical engineering.​
  • Operations engineering and systems.​
  • Information systems.​
  • Business management and logistics.​
Governance and Management of the Center

The Center is an independent scientific and reference unit that provides scientific advice to stakeholders, including: 

  • Government policymakers.
  • Municipal institutions.​
  • Contracting companies.​
  • Consulting companies in construction, engineering, and environmental works.​
  • Authorities concerned with historical and archaeological sites.​
  • Service and logistics companies.
  • Researchers.​
  • Investors.​

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