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As part of the university strategy with additional strong focus on research and consultancy, the Research and Consultancy Office (RCO) will advice, guide and support GUtech researchers in all phases of Research and Consultancy Projects. The RCO work alongside researchers to develop successful research projects, identify relevant funding opportunities and successfully, submit research proposals and manage awarded projects. The RCO aims at developing and strengthening collaborative multidisciplinary research and consultancy activities in different disciplines locally and internationally. 

Strategic Research Ideas

  • How can we help to develop your idea ?
  • Promoting Research Initiatives and Supporting Research Ideas.
  • Research impact.
  • Research ethics and integrity.

Relevant Funding Opportunities

  • Seed grant funding.
  • National Funding Opportunities.
  • International Funding Opportunities.
  • Industry Partnership and Funding opportunities.

Support for call for proposals and applications

  • Procedure and guidelines.
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • Eligibility criteria.
  • Submission procedure.

Project Management

  • Supporting the researchers in recording and reporting​
  • Monitoring and ensuring quality and timing of deliverables and milestones​
  • Dissemination and communication

Administrative support (Finance, Procurement, Legal)

  • Projects Financial Management support
  • Legal Framework and appropriate terms and conditions

Local and International Research Partners

  • Develop and strengthen local and international partnership
  • Networking opportunities


Research Priorities

RP 1 (Renewable) Energy Systems

RP 2 Geosciences and Natural Resources Exploration

RP 3 Emerging (Digital) Technologies

RP 4 Environmental Technologies, Water and Climate Protection

RP 5 Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism

RP 6 Logistics and Supply Chains

RP 7 Smart Cities and sustainable mobility

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