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Oman’s First Master Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning.

The Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Planning (MSc AUP) at GUtech is the first programme in the whole region to offer both Architecture and Urban Planning as specialisations. The MSc programme capitalises on the expertise accumulated by the faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at RWTH Aachen University and draws form the know-how of GUtech faculty behind the internationally accredited the BSc Urban Planning and Architectural Design programme.

The programme is designed to train fresh graduates and professionals to address the challenges of a rapidly urbanised world by seeking innovative approaches in the built environment. Moreover, the programme offers students to specialise in either architecture or urban planning. The two specialisations equally address societal, environmental, economic and cultural questions but react to them on different scales.

‘Architecture’ specialisation focuses on the constructive, cultural and climatic qualities of buildings and their surroundings.

‘Urban Planning’ specialisation is concerned with the design and planning qualities at the neighborhood, town and regional levels.

Upon completion of the MSc AUP programme, our graduates will be prepared to pursue careers in architecture or urban planning, while others may seek new directions such as project management, urban design, and others. Aside from industry, MSc AUP graduates may go on to pursue consultancy as well as research careers, whether through doctoral study in academia or commercial research.

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The MSc AUP programme is structured to be offered on a full-time or part-time basis in block mode, over four semesters. The programme encompasses a work load equivalent to 120 credit points in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) or 300 credit points in the Oman Qualification Framework (OQF).

The MEng IPM is delivered in a flexible modular format and intensive block courses during evening and weekend classes, to fit around full-time jobs and the schedule of fresh graduates aspiring to land their first j0b while attending the MEng IPM.

Courses are taught by GUtech’s faculty members and visiting professors from University of Brescia and other renowned universities.

The MEng programme is taught in English. A variety of assessment formats are used including written and oral tests, seminar papers and the Master thesis. Students can choose to conduct the Master thesis and/or undertake internship placements in Brescia, Italy.

The main focus of the first semester is to convey the fundamentals of the study programme in production of materials, traditional production processes and technologies and on the methods to test and control products and processes. In addition, principles of quality management and economics are analysed with a special focus on entrepreneurship.

The second semester covers the issues of material behaviour and selection from an engineering point of view with more specialised courses in advanced production processes, innovative manufacturing systems, plant management, and logistic.

The third semester focuses on advanced technologies for micro-components and nano-surfaces production, on production techniques applied to local ores with a particular attention to safety and environmental issues together with product life cycle assessment and recycling, and project management.

In the fourth semester students are required to write the Master’s thesis.


Study requirements consist of contact hours (in class, on excursion or during practical lab work) and related individual study work (reading of related literature, exam preparation, writing of seminar papers or reports, and completion of the Master’s thesis).

Students will be required to complete a total workload of 120 ECTS credit points including a master’s thesis, to qualify for graduation.


Students are expected to complete the programme in four semesters. Programme will be delivered  once a month (Wednesday to Saturday) in and outside GUtech Campus.


Students can apply to transfer up to 50 percent of ECTS credit points from classes completed prior to their admission at GUtech. Transfer credit is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the relevant department’s faculty members.

Entry Requirements

Students who wish to study MSc AUP are required to meet these requirements:

Academic requirements: A recognised Bachelor degree in architecture, urbanism, or equivalent fields of study. Relevant work experience can compensate for derivation from narrow related field of study.

Language requirements: Applicants must provide adequate proof of English proficiency (e.g. TOEFL 79 internet-based test, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent).

For questions regarding the application process, please send your enquiry to

Fees & Scholarship

Application fee

A non-refundable fee OMR 100 is required prior to application being processed.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees vary depending on the credit points of each course. The total credit points required to complete and obtain MSc AUP is ECTS credit points (ECTS CP). 

The total tuition fees for the MSc AUP is OMR 13,800.

Scholarship opportunities

We offer scholarships for successful applicants to cover up to 50 percent of tuition fees. This scholarship amounts to OMR 2,070 reduction in total tuition fees.

There is not a separate application for these scholarships. All successful applicants will be considered.

We also offer scholarships to partner companies amounting to 50 percent reduction in fees. 

All GUtech alumni qualify for a tuition-waiver scholarship covering 50 percent of tuition fees.


We are now accepting applications for the upcoming intake. Start your application today by applying online. We follow a three-step application process. Please see the table below for an overview of the steps and the documents required:



 Application materials checklist

Step 1:


Needed for decision on seat

Step 2:


Needed for decision on scholarship

Step 3:


Needed before classes start

Bachelor transcript Yes Yes Yes
Bachelor degree certificate No No Yes
Bachelor approval from Omani MoHE No Yes Yes
IELTS / TOEFL or equivalent Yes Yes Yes
ID card / passport No No Yes
Photo No No Yes
CV Yes Yes Yes
References (Academic & Employer) No Yes Yes
Interview Yes – for BSc in non-related fields only Yes – for BSc in non-related fields only Yes – for BSc in non-related fields only
RO 100 application fee Yes Yes Yes
Agreement with Finance for tuition payment No No Yes
Choice of specialisation Yes Yes Yes


General Enquiries

Can I meet with the Master’s programme coordinator?

Yes, all enquirers and applicants are encouraged to meet the Master’s programme coordinator. You may request an appointment by sending an email to or calling 22061112.

Can I visit the University campus to have a look around?

Yes, you are most welcome to visit our campus in Halban. Our campus is located in Halban, off the last Maabila exist of the Muscat Expressway.

Does GUtech offer accommodation to graduate students?

Yes, upon availability, we could offer you our housing services. You may want to call 2206 1111 or send an email to for further information.

Entry Requirements

What qualifications do I need to get entry into the programme?

A Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field of a reputable Omani or international university.

What is the minimum cGPA requirement do you apply to the Master’s programme?

No minimum cGPA is required.

Can I still apply if I do not have a relevant degree?

Yes you can still apply, the decision about eligibility of an applicant with a university degree different from Computer Science will be based on personal interviews.

Programme Structure

What study mode does the Master’s programme offer?

The programme is structured to be delivered on a part-time basis in a block courses format, over six semesters. Each semester encompasses fifteen weeks of teaching. Classes are scheduled during weekdays, from 2pm to 7pm, and on Saturday, from 9am to 5pm. For a detailed timetable, you may send your enquiry to

How many credit points are required to graduate?

To graduate, you will required to successfully earn 120 ECTS credit points.

What are the term dates for the programme?

The academic year is made up of 2 terms. The duration of each term is 15 weeks. The first term begins in late February/Early March and ends in late June. The second term runs from October to January.

Some adjustments may apply due to public or religious festivities.

Can I receive a study plan in advance so that I can plan my time accordingly?

Yes, you may receive your relevant study plan and a timetable if you send your request to

What specialisations are they part of the programme?

We offer you three specialisations to choose from for your future career:

  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Technology Management

When will I be required to declare my specialisation?

You will be required to declare your specialisation at the start of the term.

Application Process

How do I submit an application and what documents do I need to provide?

Applications are received online. You may visit our page ‘apply‘ for the list of supporting materials.

How long does it take for admission process to be completed?

If you provide every document requested, and meet all entry requirements, decision can be taken in 3 working days.

Will the university be able to provide me with acceptance of admission paper to present to my company for funding purpose ?

Yes, offers are made in writing and we may send your offer letter to your employer if you provide us with the contact details.

Do I need to submit evidence of English language proficiency for my application?

Yes, a minimum IELTS of a band score of 6.0 or equivalent is required at the time of submitting your application. However, if you are awaiting the release of IELTS or an equivalent result, you may send an email to to advise you on how to proceed.

Credit Transfer

Do you accept credit transfers into the Master’s programme?

Yes, it’s acceptable

How many credits from my previous postgraduate courses can I transfer to the Master’s programme if I am accepted?

Up to 60 credit points can be transferred if the Ministry of Higher Education approves such a transfer.

For more information or any further assistance regarding programme or admission.

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